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create your own batman comic

Just Imagine: Batman by Stan Lee

This is a must read.

A must read like Frank Millars run on Batman All Star.

This is some Im the goddamn batman level laughing.

So basically this Bruce/Wayne Williams is black, and in a shitty city of Gotham, and this is earth 6, so this is different and interesting. Then it goes bad....Because everyone is dressed so badly, and this takes place in early 2000, but we have like a pimp looking dude in the first few pages...also Wayne is a piece of SO much good can come of this background and character but it was horrible.

Oh and it just takes Spider-man story of being a wrestler and such, which was crap to start with, but then pushes it further to wanting Bruce to be the BEST wrestler of all time or some shit. Oh and the Bat suit? THE WORST THING EVER...And the ending...and batman killing...and...ugh just ugh, but lolz

This story made me laugh a lot though. On how bad it is. For that people should read it. But its not all.
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Batman Publication History

Kane studied art at Cooper Union , before "joining the Max Fleischer Studio as a trainee animator in He entered the comics field two years later, in , freelancing original material to editor of Jerry Iger 's comic book Wow, What A Magazine! Among his work there was the funny animal feature "Peter Pupp" which belied its look with overtones of "mystery and menace" , published in the U. For that last title he went on to do his first adventure strip, "Rusty and his Pals". In early , DC's success with the seminal superhero Superman in Action Comics prompted editors to scramble for more such heroes.

More rewards got added at mini-goals along the way. In , Batman debuted in Detective Comics For 75 years, only one creator has received the credit, the by-line, even though there were two. Marc found more photos and discovered Bill's one grandchild, Athena Finger , who made not a penny off the Batman legacy. We're making a short film to celebrate Bill Finger's life and achievements, and to educate people about a relatively unknown man whose work has delighted billions.

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  1. Exactly how much of The Bat-man came from Bob Kane and how much came from Bill Finger remains in doubt and, fascinatingly, remains a point of contention among historians, biographers, and, especially, comic fans.

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