What is the setting of the count of monte cristo

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what is the setting of the count of monte cristo

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The count of Monte Cristo -notes, summary and analysis

full title · The Count of Monte Cristo (Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, in the original French) setting (time) · The novel takes place during the years following the fall of.
Naresh Dhanda

The Count of Monte Cristo

The work, which is set during the time of the Bourbon Restoration in France , tells the story of an unjustly incarcerated man who escapes to find revenge. The novel opens in as the Pharaon arrives in Marseille. He frees himself and is rescued by a crew of smugglers. Later he finds the treasure on Monte Cristo. It is revealed that Mrs. Danglars was once the mistress of de Villefort and that the younger convict is the son born of that union, whom de Villefort thought he had disposed of as a baby. De Villefort orders his wife, who has been poisoning family members in order to secure an inheritance for her son from a previous marriage, to poison herself.

The four men responsible are:. The guards arrive, carry the sack outside, and heave the body far out to sea. When he finally discovers it, he is staggered by the immensity of its wealth. And when he emerges into society again, he is the very rich and very handsome Count of Monte Cristo. Monte Cristo has two goals — to reward those who were kind to him and his aging father, and to punish those responsible for his imprisonment.

Alexandre Dumas

THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO - FULL AudioBook by Alexandre Dumas - Greatest Audio Books Part 3

The Count of Monte Cristo is a very powerful book. So powerful in fact, that was controversial when it was first released. The Catholic Church in France condemned it because of its powerful message it presented the reader. This theme was one of revenge and vengeance. Monte Cristo had two goals- to reward those who were kind to him and his aging father, and to punish those responsible for his imprisonment and suffering. For the latter, he plans slow and painful punishment. To have spent fourteen years barely subsisting in a dungeon demands cruel and prolonged castigation.

The Count Of Monte Cristo. Search this site. Meet the Authors. Minor Characters. It is as if nothing could go wrong.

Strap on your traveling shoes, because the Count's going to take you all over the world. First thing's first; let's set the historical scene for you. Separating the historical and political scene from The Count of Monte Cristo is like trying to separate salt from the ocean. In order to really understand what The Count's all about, we need to take a look at what was going on in France at the time. We know from Danglars's report at the very beginning of the novel that Edmond has stopped at the island of Elba to retrieve a letter on his way back to Marseilles which is addressed to Noirtier. Guess who was exiled to the island of Elba? Napoleon Bonaparte.

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