What does burro mean in spanish

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what does burro mean in spanish

Burros Tortillas by Terri Fields

What do you get when you cross The Little Red Hen with a burro and his friends? Burros Tortillas! In this humorous Southwestern retelling of a childhood favorite, Burro finds it difficult to get any help from his friends as he diligently works to turn corn into tortillas. Young children will love the repetition; older children will enjoy the books many puns. In addition to its Southwestern -flavor, - the delightful story imparts an accurate picture of the traditional way that tortillas are made. A Spanish/English glossary and a simple recipe for making tortillas are included in the -For Creative Minds- section.
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How to pronounce burro

spanish for donkey but used alot as a insult. We never used the term "burrito," only "burro" for a flour tortilla wrapped around (1) refried pinto beans, cheese.
Terri Fields

What does un burro mean in spanish

Top definition. A person who's easy to fool , a sucker. Especially any woman who's easy to fuck, not because she's a slut but because she's soft-hearted and naive. Bro 1: I'd hit it! Bro 2: No problem , she's a burro, tell her your dog died. Never ever adding rice or beans to the latter fillings. Now up in the Valley since , we can still judge a "genuine" Mexican restaurant by looking at the menu even before ordering.

Top definition. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more. Burro definition is - donkey; especially: a small one used as a pack animal. How to use Nglish: Translation of burro for Spanish Speakers. Translate Como un burro.

Large Example: "Alex bought a donkey from truck last night they took and threw pea donkey" Synonyms: Grande nbsp; Huge nbsp; Antonyms: Small. Vulgarly so is called the part women intimate Example: "Maria has a perfect donkey" Synonyms: Vagina nbsp; Panocha nbsp; Penfla. Gross, person who for more than is the explains does not understand; clumsy, lerdo, ignorant. Example: 'More than study follows gross'. You don't know nothing clumsy Example: "July that donkey you're" Antonyms: Smart. That he is not intelligent, little bold.


A small donkey, especially one used as a pack animal. Slang A drug smuggler who swallows bags filled with a drug, especially heroin or cocaine, to avoid detection by drug enforcement officers or customs officials. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? We'll take a burro , or a pack-train of burros ,' was my suggestion.

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