What do people take for granted

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what do people take for granted

Granted Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 07.10.2019

TAKE FOR GRANTED Meaning in English

Truer words were never spoken, and those speak to the heart of my message today.

7 Things In Life You’re Taking For Granted

Plain everyday things. Some mornings I open my eyes and immediately start thinking about everything I have to do. On those days when my mind goes into defensive pessimism mode—conjuring up everything that could go wrong and creating plans to circumvent those things—it feels imperative to go on that way. Like the stressing and plotting somehow gives me more control over the day ahead. But I am by no means perfect, and some days I still expect the worst instead of creating the best. The reality is things could go wrong later, even if I start the day whistling over breakfast while birds and bunnies hover around my patio bistro set.

If you live in a first world country, you likely have access to a myriad of little things that are easy to take for granted. Sometimes, being grateful can for these little items can put things in perspective.
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How to NEVER Make Him/Her Take You For Granted Ever Again!

In a world of consumerism and constant one-upping on social media, it can be hard to ground ourselves at times. I spent 30 days practicing daily gratitude — thinking of three things each day that I was grateful for and really meditating on them. The majority of you reading this will be doing so from the comfort of your own home, perhaps sitting on the couch or propped up by some cushions in bed. Having a place to live is just a norm for many of us, and definitely something a lot of us take for granted. Coming home can feel quite stressful at times, as you may be dreading dealing with the huge pile of laundry or washing up you left behind!

Have you ever had someone tell you to "not take that for granted"? Even little things like being able to go to a park? I remember my parents heavily teaching me not to take anything for granted, and to enjoy the 'little things'. Today I'm noticing a lot of younger individuals taking almost everything for granted. They think they deserve some of the luxuries they have. I've come up with a list of things that shouldn't be taken for granted, because there's always going to be somebody less fortunate than you.

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  2. Sometimes we take it for granted, but what we do on a daily basis truly is our of those chain emails your grandmother sends to the special people in her life.

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