A bolt of white cloth

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a bolt of white cloth

A Bolt of White Cloth by Leon Rooke

A Bolt of White Cloth
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A Bolt of White Cloth

A Character Analysis of the Peddler in Leon Rooke's Story "A Bolt of White Cloth"

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By: Blayne Jasper. Leon Rooke gets to the point by making the white cloth and love the main part in this story. He does a great deal of work showing how love matters and whoever decides they what a piece of cloth then they will have to show him how they can prove that they symbolize and show the meaning of love. As the author tells the story he also gives off some character archetypes at witch describe the character. In the story the Traveler could be considered a person that is a greasy and homeless, who is very fit and strong from walking in the hot sun for a long period of time. His hair fell down over his eyes and he shoved the dark locks back.

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