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haven sins of the fathers

The Sins of the Fathers (Matthew Scudder, #1) by Lawrence Block

They tell me the Matt Scudder series starts slow, that it hits its stride with his fifth adventure, Eight Million Ways to Die. I dont know about that—at least not yet—but one thing I can say for sure: The Sins of the Fathers is plenty good enough.

Scudder was once a cop. But then a seven year old girl is killed by a ricochet he fired in pursuit of a robber, and, even though he is exonerated—hell, they even give him a commendation—he finds he just doesnt have the heart to be a cop anymore. Now he drinks too much and cant shake the guilt, but he still uses his cop skills to make ends meet. While not technically a private dectective (he has no license), he “does favors for people,” and they give him “gifts.”

This particular “favor” is an unusual one. A pretty little hooker living in a nice Greenwich Village apartment has been stabbed to death, and the only suspect—her male roommate—admits his guilt and then hangs himself in the city jail. So the case is closed, and Scudders client—the dead girls father—doesnt wanted it reoopened: he just wants to find out what his daughters life was like. He thought he knew who she was, yet discovers after her death that she had hid her life from him. Now he needs Scudder to uncover a few facts and details so that he may reconstruct a more realistic memory.

The book consists of three parts: 1) an investigation into the life of the dead girl, which leads to 2) the discovery of the motive for the crime, and 3) an account of Scudders plan to bring a rough kind of justice to this open-and-shut case.
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Haven E12 (Sins of the Fathers) 2011

Haven: “Sins of the Fathers”

We spent too much time off in narrative cul-de-sacs, a leisurely diversion this fledgling series can ill afford. At least we ended on a better note than we had for most of the year. A suicide returns to persuade her brother to beat to death the boy who raped her. And even the Rev returns, more fanatical and determined forever. He cannot feel what she can; she is blind to what he sees.

Post a Comment. Previously: Audrey found the original Lucy Ripley, who has not gone to the barn and had her memories erased! We will be reminded yet again of how Duke is at the center of everything going on in Haven, and lost Evi as a result. And oh look, part of that involves the Crocker boxes, now with the big version, hi Dwight you're like a big version, and killing AudSarLu. I wonder what the Rev's plans were for Duke! Let's find out on a moonlit night in Haven.

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The second season of Haven closed with a bang literally! The Trouble of the week involves ghosts coming back from the dead and avenging things by manipulating living people to act on their behalf. Audrey then confronts Dave about the picture of him with Lucy, and Vince wants to tell her everything but Dave resists. Back in Cute Central, I mean, the police station, Audrey and Nathan are leaning against each other just a little as they use the computer together to try to find a connection between the dead people. But it turned out Duke just wanted to use Nathan as a cover for his smuggling.

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