Feels like i ve been punched in the eye

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feels like i ve been punched in the eye

Hurting Quotes (153 quotes)

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Published 28.09.2019

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

I ask because every time I've gotten involved in a scuffle and taken a punch to the face not that this happens often mind you, I'm no brawler , the affected area just goes instantly numb. I register the impact and if the blow was hard enough there's a brief moment of disorientation, but there's no pain, just a slightly heavy numb feeling. I assumed this was normal, perhaps the result of adrenaline or endorphins or something, until having a conversation with some workmates earlier today.

Recognizing and Treating Eye Injuries

Eye pain is a common symptom, and there are many potential causes, ranging from serious ones, like acute angle-closure glaucoma and optic neuritis, to less serious ones, like conjunctivitis, styes, or dry eye. Certain characteristics, such as the quality of your pain burning, sharp, aching, etc. At other times, your provider will refer you usually that same day to an ophthalmologist for a more detailed examination. Your eye, which sits in a bony socket called the orbit, is a complex organ consisting of several unique structures such as the the sclera the white part , iris the colored part of your eye , pupil black spot in the middle , and cornea the clear outer layer of the eye. Diseases that affect any eye structure or structure connected to your eye for example, the optic nerve may lead to pain. Eye pain can be distracting and debilitating.

Contact your eye surgeon if you're experiencing eye pain and you've had eye surgery in the past or if you've recently had eye surgery or an eye injection. Seek medical attention if you have eye pain and you wear soft contact lenses, have a weakened immune system or your eye pain is not improving after two to three days of medication.
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Common Symptoms of Eye Injury

Contact lens discomfort is a symptom that something is wrong, and you should always take it seriously. If you develop sudden eye pain when wearing contact lenses or your contacts hurt, follow these steps:.

I've had this since RAI in off and on, but constantly recently. It feels tender and bruised and when I blink it feels like I've been bashed in the face. Occasionally I experience 'eyelid lag' where the eyelid will not open for some minutes after waking. This morning, for the first time, I had visual disturbance for about half an hour in the left eye, coloured prisms and triangles floating on the periphary whichever way I turned my head and happened in bright natural light, interior light and dimly lit room. I had a local anaesthetic for dental work later this morning and could still feel the pain around the eye. TMJ and dental issues have been ruled out and I am overdue an eye check but I wondered if anyone had any ideas what it might be? Could it be thyroid eye disease?

The pain can be slight or severe, causing you to rub your eyes, squint, blink more quickly, or feel like you need to keep your eyes shut. Your eye has a complicated anatomy. The cornea is a protective layer that covers the mechanism that allows you to see. Next to your cornea is the conjunctiva, a clear mucous membrane that lines the outside of your eyeball. The cornea covers your iris, the colored part of your eye that controls how much light is let into the black part of your eye, called your pupil. Surrounding the iris and pupil is a white area called the sclera.


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  1. Some common eye injuries, such as deep puncture wounds from accidents, could require immediate treatment or surgery to prevent permanent eye damage resulting in vision loss.

  2. Eye injuries can range from relatively trivial, such as irritating the eye with shampoo, to extremely serious, resulting in permanent loss of vision.

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