Maze runner map of the glade

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maze runner map of the glade

Maze Runner Quotes (32 quotes)

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The Maze Runner - Thomas Goes Into The Maze

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Thomas wakes up in a metal box with no memory of who he is. He only remembers his name. Doors open overhead revealing a community of young boys all living on a type of farm surrounded by very high walls. The place is called the Glade. Outside the Glade, beyond the walls is a massive Maze populated with monsters, known as Grievers. Every month a new boy is sent to the Glade. Each week supplies come up through the elevator that Thomas rides.

Waking up in a strange upwardly-moving metal box, with no memory of who he is or how he got there, Thomas emerges into the blinding light of his new home, the Glade — a giant clearing flanked by four impossibly high concrete walls. All the Gladers will tell him is that, beyond the walls, stretches a dangerous maze, which the Gladers have been trying for years to solve. He learns that the Maze is an ever-changing, vast and complex place — an unsolvable puzzle accessible by day, but sealed off by the large perimeter walls that enclose the Glade at dusk. It is what comes out in the Maze after dark that the Gladers fear most: The Grievers — hulking invincible killing machines, part animal and part mechanical. Any Glader trapped outside the Glade at night will be hunted down by the Grievers and never seen again. His destiny, he believes, is to be a Runner — one of the Gladers tasked with venturing into the Maze during the day to map it out. After showing courage and skill in surviving a night spent outside the Glade walls, Thomas is promoted to Runner.

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To print the story please do so via the link in the story toolbar. The Glade is home to the Gladers. The Glade, square in shape, is surrounded on all four sides by impossibly high concrete walls with one giant sliding door in each. The Glade is surrounded by the Maze and at nightfall the giant doors close, sealing the Gladers to the Glade until morning. The maze is the area outside of the Glade. The maze is an ever-changing puzzle whose layout changes during the night, and is also home to the terrifying Grievers. The gardens are where the gladers grow food and water is also pumped into this area.

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  1. A while ago now, before Christmas at least, I picked up The Maze Runner in a bookshop, read a page of it, and decided I literally hated it.

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