Child is afraid of the dark

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child is afraid of the dark

Only Kids Are Afraid of the Dark by George R.R. Martin

A very pulpy, amateur short story - more of an extended villain’s monologue really - that I believe is the chronologically earliest published work of George R. R. Martin.

It feels more suited towards a comic book rather than just prose, but alas, there’s only one accompanying illustration in this edition. Apparently there is an actual comic edition, illustrated by Jim Starlin, which I imagine would be a more entertaining read.

It’s worth reading for the Martin completionists, and its very short length ensures it doesn’t overstay long enough to really waste anyone’s time, but anyone expecting the depth of Martin’s later work will be disappointed. Martin wrote this while he was in high school; he had decades to become the accomplished and successful writer he is today.

I give it two astral avengers, and a demonic prince.
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How To Change Your Child's Behavior : Follow These 3 Rules!

Let's be honest, the dark is kind of scary. I spent most of my childhood and many of my adults years with the fear of the dark. Frankly, I still don't.
George R.R. Martin

10 calming phrases for children afraid of the dark

I spent most of my childhood and many of my adults years with the fear of the dark. Fortunately, as adults we are skilled at deciphering this unknown. That means we can distinguish fantasy from reality. We can watch a scary movie and know fairly confidently that there is no such thing as zombies. However, the brain of a young child is not fully developed and this is a skill that comes with time. In the early years of life, the line between fantasy and reality is blurry. So when you tell them there is no such thing as monsters living under the bed, they won't completely believe you.

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Being afraid of the dark is a very common complaint among young children., Grab yours now!

Fear of the dark is a common and typical fear for most children. Fear of the dark usually starts to crop up in toddlerhood. For some kids, this fear never goes away. They might follow you from room to room and might refuse to go into any dark room alone — even during the day! Bedtime can be a complete nightmare — no pun intended! In general, it is never too early to start empowering kids to fight their fears. One of the most important ways to help your children is to first validate their fear of the dark.

Your toddler never used to mind hitting the sack with the lights off. But all of a sudden, she wants you to keep the lights on in her bedroom — or she wakes in the middle of the night and is afraid of falling back asleep on her own. Things that go bump in the night are a normal part of everyday life to adults, but to toddlers they can be downright terrifying. In addition to a rich fantasy life, toddlers are more aware of the larger world and its dangers. They have longer memories than babies do, so a negative experience like falling off a swing may trigger a longer-lasting fear. Changes a move to a new home, the arrival of a new sibling can also cause a child to feel insecure and afraid.


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  1. Many children are afraid of the dark. A toddler or preschooler tends to be afraid of unfamiliar things that they don't understand or.

  2. WebMD explains why some kids are afraid of the dark, how parents can help, and ways to conquer fear of the dark.

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