The house on mango street sire

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the house on mango street sire

The House on Mango Street - Double entry journal #2 Showing 1-47 of 47

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House on Mango Street - Sire

The House on Mango Street: Novel Summary: Sire

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Sire is a young boy in the neighborhood who looks at Esperanza with hungry eyes. Esperanza decides to look back to him to show that she is not afraid, to be courageous and strong.
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Sire is a beautiful boy in Esperanza's neighborhood Mango Street who had a girlfriend named Lois, with whom he spends all his time. Esperanza is not frightened of Sire and his older gang friends. When he looks at Esperanza, she gets excited, instead of scared, as her mama warns her to be. She sees Lois as a beautiful, painted woman who doesn't know how to tie her own shoes, like Esperanza does. Her mother warns her not to spend time with such a girl, for she doesn't want to turn out like that. However, Esperanza wants to be held tightly by a boy and wonders what it feels like with Sire.

One day when Angel Vargas is teaching them to whistle, Ruthie comes up and whistles beautifully. She likes to play with the children because she has never grown up enough to handle the adult world. Ruthie is talented, but when she was young she got married instead of taking a job. Now she lives with her mother, but she waits for her husband to come and take her home. Esperanza brings her books. Instead, she tells Esperanza she has beautiful teeth. He has two lively dogs, and occasionally he gives the children old jukebox records.


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  1. Summary Sire is a neighbor, presumably a boy at or near Esperanza's age, who watches Esperanza in a significant way whenever she walks past his house.

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