The greatest survival story of all time

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the greatest survival story of all time

Best True Survival Stories (393 books)

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Published 13.08.2019

Top 10 Amazing Survivor Stories

Throughout it all, there were great stories of survival—of people beating odds and killing rattlesnakes with rocks while they waited for rescue. Here are fifteen of our favorites.
Jon Krakauer

The 10 Most Extreme Survival Stories of All Time

A few days back, writer John Wenz published an article on the Pop Mech website sharing his picks for the ten greatest survival stories of all time. Each of the entries tells a tale of overcoming long odds in order to survive an ordeal that would leave most people paralyzed with fear and indecision. But in this case, each of the stories serve as inspiration, reminding us of what we are capable of when desperation sets in and the sheer will to go on living takes over. Likewise, the tale of Aaron Ralston, who famously cut off his own arm after a boulder fell on it, has become an legend amongst outdoor enthusiasts. The boys spent 17 days trapped inside a cave that eventually started to flood with water, before they were rescued. Some of the other stories are not quite so well known, but are just as compelling and awe-inspiring.

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Ernest Shackleton had already made a name for himself as an intrepid explorer, having reached a record southern latitude on his Antarctic expedition of , when he set sail on the Endurance in The South Pole had been conquered a few years prior by Roald Amundsen, so Shackleton set a more ambitious goal: Land on Antarctica and cross 1, miles over the entire continent, an endeavor he named the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The ship soon encountered an unexpected density of pack ice. After more than two months of halting progress, Endurance became hopelessly icebound. The grand expeditionary plan was done for; the new goal was to hunker down and prepare to spend the winter in the ice. Sled dogs were moved off the ship and into igloos on the ice, and the ship was converted into a winter habitat. To maintain morale, the crew exercised on the ice and played games indoors.

Sara Wheeler. This is the story of a 16th-century Portuguese knight and mariner who survived alone on a lump of volcanic rock in the South Atlantic for 26 years. Lopes was not of noble line, but had a good education and rigorous military training and rose to become a servant of the king, sailing to India in as an officer in a ship armada with the explorer Tristao da Cunha. He probably never saw his wife and children again. The Indian chapters unfurl in a blizzard of attacks, victories, internal disputes, pillage, the vengeful slaughter of Muslims, and the eventual securing of Goa, a port of crucial strategic importance. Then, mirabile dictu , Lopes walked for eight days to the neighbouring sultanate of Bijapur and converted to Islam, offering to fight against his countryman for Yusuf Adil Khan later Yusuf Adil Shah.

Life can be fragile, and unbelievably tough. There is no end to the terrible situations humans can find their way into, nor a limit to what people are willing, and capable, of doing to get out. With a little skill, a load of determination, and a whole bunch of luck, humans have been able to survive some unbelievable challenges. From expanses of ocean, the crush of ice, the depths of oceans, and the unbelievable feeling of being absolutely alone, here are some of our favorite spectacular survival stories. The boys, aged and their coach, 25, waded into the waters and began exploring the cave. When a flash flood came, they pushed deeper in, eventually making their way to an elevated platform, 4 kilometers into the cave system.

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  1. With a little skill, a load of determination, and a whole bunch of luck, humans have been able to survive some unbelievable challenges.

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