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most of the most of sj perelman

The Most Of S.J.Perelman by S.J. Perelman

One of the wittiest writers of the twentieth century and a stylist without equal. The pieces reprinted from The Road to Miltown, especially the Cloudland Revisited sequence, are perhaps the sharpest. Re-reading them, you marvel at their simplicity. The author sits down to watch a series of films he loved as a youth and summarises the plots. But his summary contains more witty barbs than some comedians get through in a lifetime:

The leitmotiv of Way Down East, like that of so many early film melodramas, was innocence betrayed, virtue - doggedly sullied through ten reels - riding triumphant and kneeing its traducer into the groin.

When Thomas Meighans face, already icy to begin with, froze, it looked like Christmas at Crawford Notch.

Then she too weakens, for, as the subtitle puts it, You may resist hunger, you may resist cold, but the fear of the unseen can break the strongest will. The unseen in this case takes the form of a moth-eaten cheetah rented from Charlie Gays lion farm in El Monte.
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Thank you! In the event that your copies of Perelman have been loaned out -- and not returned -- here's your chance to replace with vintage and recent works of the Master. From to the present, from magazines and previous books, here are those mots supremes on old moving pictures, novels, weird periodicals, advertising, cheesy chi chi, the hysteria of hegiras; here, too, those startling playlets, striking views of Hollywood and moving pictures, and those moving, heart-rending reflections on country-city living; again there is the author in the recall of his tempestuous youth, in his role of man about -- or against -- almost everything -- well, you could ask for so very little more!
S.J. Perelman

S. J. Perelman

Most of the Most of S. Sidney Joseph Perelman. This book includes many of the greatest hits from to available only in this edition--by the devastatingly witty Perelman, the leading figure of The New Yorker magazine's golden age of humor and one of the most popular American humorists ever. In these hilarious pieces, the charmingly cranky Perelman turns his scathing attention to books, movies, New York socialites, the newspaper business, country life, travel, Hollywood, the publishing industry, and, last but not least, himself. His self-portrait: "Under a forehead roughly comparable to. Piltdown Man are visible a pair of tiny pig eyes, lit up alternately by greed and concupiscence.

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Sidney Joseph Perelman February 1 , October 17 , was an American humorist and writer for the stage and screen. His sketches for The New Yorker are considered classics of their kind. Quotes [ edit ] I have Bright's disease and he has mine. A patient confronts his doctor, in a cartoon printed in Judge magazine November 16, "Great-grandfather died under strange circumstances. He opened a vein in his bath.

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