Build your own trading algorithm

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build your own trading algorithm While institutional traders continue to implement quantitative (or algorithmic) trading, many independent traders have wondered if they can still challenge powerful industry professionals at their own game. The answer is yes, and in Quantitative Trading, Dr. Ernest Chan, a respected independent trader and consultant, will show you how.

Cinderella a wish your heart makes

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cinderella a wish your heart makes With its kind heroine who receives her just reward-and a dashing prince-with the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is one the most beloved fairy tales throughout the world. Although the most popular versions appeared in Charles Perraults Histoires ou contes du temps pass (Stories or Fables of Times Past) (1697) and the Grimms Fairy Tales (1812), the story can be traced back to the story of Rhodopis, a Greek slave girl who marries the pharoah of Egypt, which Strabo recorded in the first century B.C.E. In the late nineteenth century, British follklorist Marian Roalfe Cox catalogued 345 variations of the story.

Don t keep your day job

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don t keep your day job The pursuit of happiness is all about finding our purpose. We dont want to just go to work and build someone elses dream, we want to do our lifes work. But how do we find out what were supposed to contribute. What are those key ingredients that push those who succeed to launch their ideas high into the sky, while the rest of us remain stuck on the ground?Dont Keep Your Day Job will get you fired up, ready to rip it open and use your zone of genius to add a little more sparkle to this world. Cathy Heller, host of the popular podcast Dont Keep Your Day Job, shares wisdom, anecdotes, and practical suggestions from successful creative entrepreneurs and experts, including actress Jenna Fischer on rejection, Gretchen Rubin on the keys to happiness, Jen Sincero on having your best badass life, and so much more.

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