Irish mob gang in oklahoma

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irish mob gang in oklahoma

Montreals Irish Mafia: The True Story of the Infamous West End Gang by DArcy OConnor

Their names resonate with organized crime in Montreal: the Matticks, MacAllisters, Johnstons and Griffins, and Peter Dunie Ryan. They are the Irish equivalent of the infamous Rizzuto and Cotroni families, and the Mom Bouchers and Walter Stadnicks of the Hells Angels. Award-winning producer, journalist and author DArcy OConnor narrates the genesis and rise to power of one of Montreals most powerful, violent and colorful criminal organizations. It is the West End Gang, whose members controlled the docks and fought the Hells Angels and Mafia for their share of the citys prostitution, gambling, loan sharking and drug dealing. At times, they did not disdain forging alliances with rival gangs when huge profits were at stake, or when a killing needed to be carried out. The West End Gang -- the Irish Mafia of Montreal -- is a legendary beast. They sprang out of the impoverished southwest of the city, some looking for ways to earn enough just to survive, some wanting more than a job in an abattoir or on a construction site. In that sense, they were no different from other immigrants from Italy and other European countries. A shortcut to wealth was their common goal. And Montreal, with its burgeoning post-WWII population, was ripe for the picking. The Irish Mob made headlines with a spectacular Brinks robbery in 1976, using the money to broker a major heroin and cocaine trafficking ring. It took over the Port of Montreal, controlling the flow of drugs into the city, drugs which the Mafia funnelled to New York. The West End Gang had connections to the cocaine cartel in Colombia; hashish brokers in Morocco and France; and marijuana growers in Mexico. The gang imported drugs on an enormous scale. One bust that took place off the coast of Angola in 2006 involved 22.5 tonnes of hashish, destined for Montreal. The West End Gang is a ripping tale that unveils yet another chapter in Montreals colorful criminal underworld.
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Oklahoma Vice: Bullet narrowly missed Irish Mob target's heart

The Irish Mob is an organized crime group in the United States, in existence since the early 19th century. The Irish Mob also has a strong presence in Ireland ; however, unlike in the United States, the group has only been present in Ireland from the s and onwards. Predominantly active in Dublin and Limerick , the group most often works under crime families focusing on the drug trade. Beginning in the s and s, however, they faced competition from recently arrived Italian and Jewish gangs. The Five Points Gang led by Paul Kelly would rise to prominence during the early s, strongly rivaled by the Hudson Dusters , the Gopher Gang , and others during the period. In the early s, with Italian criminal organizations such as the Morello crime family encroaching on the waterfront, various Irish gangs united to form the White Hand Gang.

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One of the alleged ringleaders of the Irish Mob gang has struck a deal with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to drug conspiracy and money laundering charges, records show. Hudson is already serving 20 years for several felony convictions in state court including burglary, robbery, kidnapping, and an assortment of drug and weapons charges. Federal prosecutors claim Hudson is a high-ranking member of the Irish Mob, which allegedly organized drug deals and collected online payments from behind prison walls. The gang allegedly used smuggled cellphones to organize drug deals and collected money through PayPal and prepaid credit cards. The Irish Mob allegedly was responsible for trafficking large amounts of heroin and methamphetamine in central Oklahoma, all orchestrated by Oklahoma Department of Corrections prison inmates. So far, 28 people have been charged in federal court in connection with a multiagency investigation into the gang's drug trafficking activities. Several defendants have already pleaded guilty in the case, but Hudson is the first alleged ringleader to admit guilt.

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