Giving up on your dreams

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giving up on your dreams

Sugar Daddy Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 25.07.2019

The Phoenix Foundation - Give Up Your Dreams (Official Music Video)

5 Signs It’s Okay to Give Up on a Dream

Photo by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete. While in some ways this creates a culture of liberation, it can also create a culture of guilt and fear, where failure is not an option. After all, if anyone can make, what's your excuse? It takes bravery and a bit of defiance to say that your artistic dreams did not work out the way you hoped. Here, seven people describe why they stepped out of the race.

This advice suggests that if you work hard enough, and want something badly enough, and focus on it diligently enough… then you can make any dream a reality. Remember that passion you had for a dream at the very beginning? Does it still exist? Case in point: growing up, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I majored in political science and interned for a U. And then one day I realized I had literally no desire to explore law in any form, so I switched gears to writing. Similarly, you should feel inspired more often than drained.

Sometimes it happens early. A kid is told by his or her parents that whatever they're aiming for is impossible to reach. Sometimes it happens later. You get older, tired, and instead of trying to pivot once more, you decide to throw in the towel for good. Fear of failure, in itself, is debilitating. But that fear is almost always rooted in fear of rejection or judgment from those around them. What you need to separate is everyone else's fears within themselves and your own feelings.

1. You’ve lost that loving feeling.






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  1. Tenacious as we may be, we all have our breaking points—that moment when the potential rewards stop justifying the effort.

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