Twelve days of christmas religious version

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twelve days of christmas religious version

The 12 Days of Christmas: The Story Behind a Favorite Christmas Song by Helen C. Haidle

Discover the Christian truth concealed in the familiar carol The 12 Days of Christmas. In this beautifully illustrated book, youll learn the history of the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany (January 6th) and the commemoration of the gifts given on each day. teaching of Christ other than their own, many parents who refused to join the church also used the song to teach their children in secret. beloved song as you learn the wonderful story of Christ redemption for all of us. souls.
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Angry Grandpa's 12 Days of Christmas

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Helen C. Haidle

The Twelve Days of Christmas, the Song and the Story

Few Christmas carols are as much fun to sing as "The 12 Days of Christmas. But there's more to this song than leaping lords and swimming swans. Some people think "The 12 Days of Christmas" is a religious song that carries veiled references to Catholic doctrines from a time when practicing the religion in Britain was illegal. The truth likely lies somewhere in between. Although the precise origins of the "The 12 Days of Christmas" are unclear, the first published version appeared in England in That first version was printed in a children's book as a rhyme, without music, that scholars say was intended as a memory game. Similar versions have also been found in the folk music traditions of Scotland, France, and the Faroe Islands dating from the same era.

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Have you ever been puzzled by the words in the Twelve days of Christmas? What on earth have maids, swans and hens etc. Well apparently it is all in code! Because Roman Catholics in England were not allowed to practise their faith openly for many years in the past, someone in that time wrote this carol as a way of helping young Catholic children to remember some key truths of the faith. Each element of the carol is code for something.

In , the Council of Tours "proclaimed the twelve days from Christmas to Epiphany as a sacred and festive season, and established the duty of Advent fasting in preparation for the feast. Federer , states that this was done in order to solve the "administrative problem for the Roman Empire as it tried to coordinate the solar Julian calendar with the lunar calendars of its provinces in the east. Because the Armenian Apostolic Church and Armenian Catholic Church celebrate the Birth and Baptism of Christ on the same day, [14] they do not have a series of twelve days between a feast of Christmas and a feast of Epiphany. The Oriental Orthodox , other than the Armenians, the Eastern Orthodox , and the Eastern Catholics who follow the same traditions do have the interval of twelve days between the two feasts. If they use the Julian calendar , they celebrate Christmas on what is for them 25 December, but is 7 January of the Gregorian calendar , and they celebrate Epiphany on what is for them 6 January, but is 19 January of the Gregorian calendar. The period between Christmas and Epiphany is fast-free.

Updated December 16, Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree are familiar items in the much-loved carol the 12 Days Of Christmas. To many who have heard dozens of adaptations, the song seems to bring together a random bunch of animals and people like "eight maids a-milking" and "11 pipers piping". But the meaning behind the familiar and cheerful song may have been closely tied with religious teachings, according to historical theologian Associate Professor Bronwen Neil from the Australian Catholic University. The 12 Days Of Christmas usually interpreted to be a countdown to Christmas day by marketers may have been in fact a secret teaching tool for Catholics during the 18th and 19th century. While the original songwriter is unknown, the English version first appeared in a children's book in Dr Neil said that in , Canadian hymnologist Hugh McKellar floated the idea that the song had a secret code a theory she said "had merit" but could not be proven.

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