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on strivers row play synopsis

The Strivers Row Spy (Renaissance #1) by Jason Overstreet

Stunning, suspenseful, and unforgettably evocative, Jason Overstreet’s debut novel glitters with the vibrant dreams and dangerous promise of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, as one man crosses the perilous lines between the law, loyalty, and deadly lies…

For college graduate Sidney Temple, the Roaring Twenties bring opportunities even members of his accomplished black bourgeois family couldn’t have imagined. His impulsive marriage to independent artist Loretta is a happiness he never thought he’d find. And when he’s tapped by J. Edgar Hoover to be the FBI’s first African-American agent, he sees a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure real justice.

Instead of providing evidence against Marcus Garvey, prominent head of the “dangerously radical” back-to-Africa movement, Sidney uses his unexpected knack for deception and undercover work to thwart the Bureau’s biased investigation. And by giving renowned leader W. E. B. Du Bois insider information, Sidney gambles on change that could mean a fair destiny for all Americans...

But the higher Sidney and Loretta climb in Harlem’s most influential and glamorous circles, the more dangerous the stakes. An unexpected friendship and a wrenching personal tragedy threaten to shatter Loretta’s innocent trust in her husband—and turn his double life into a fast-closing trap. For Sidney, ultimately squeezed between the Bureau and one too many ruthless factions, the price of escape could be heartbreak and betrayal no amount of skill can help him survive.
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The Interview - The Strivers Row On Being a Collective

As the last play of the theater company's “Prosperity” themed season, his On Strivers Row proves to be a witty and revealing satire about.
Jason Overstreet

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Her events usually are but things are not always as they seem. The Van Striven family can barely afford to maintain their bedroom townhouse on Strivers Row and Mr. Van Striven Charles Anthony Burks is trying to rent rooms to make ends meet. He has also entered a business deal with Ruby Jackson Linda Kuriloff , a former cook and sweepstakes winner, to ease his financial woes. Ruby purchased some property from Mr.

Setting the play on Strivers Row sets the tone. The elegant Italianate and Georgian townhouses on th and th Streets, between Seventh and Eighth .
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Public Servant

Metropolitan Playhouse The American Legacy. Follow us On Strivers Row. Democratic, fair, affirming: an American ideal. And yet.

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