Addiction is a choice quote

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addiction is a choice quote

Quote by James Frey: “Addiction is a decision. An individual wants so...”

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Published 15.07.2019

Is addiction a disease?

Addiction Sayings and Quotes

The statement, in a CMAJ editorial, 1 that addiction is a disease is not supported by the evidence and reads more like a political policy statement than a reasoned intellectual argument. There has been a steady erosion of individual responsibility and loss of any concept of personal blame for bad choices. Addiction does not meet the criteria specified for a core disease entity, namely the presence of a primary measurable deviation from physiologic or anatomical norm. Treatment consists of little more than stopping a given behaviour. True diseases worsen if left untreated. A patient with cancer is not cured if locked in a cell, whereas an alcoholic is automatically cured. No access to alcohol means no alcoholism.

What is addiction? The debate over whether or not addiction is a disease or some other type of involuntary behavior versus a pattern of freely chosen behavior can get crazy. The rhetoric from the pro-disease side has been rife with emotional pleas that paint anyone who thinks otherwise as a big mean crazy crackpot who hates everyone. But the fact is that the science is not settled in favor of the disease model of addiction , and there are plenty of classically authoritative sources who will attest to this fact. I will add to it over time, and since I get many requests for info from students, I hope this page can serve as a great reference source for those looking for credible opinions on the non-disease choice side of the great debate about the nature of addiction.

These quotes will give you the strength and encouragement to embrace treatment. Sometimes, the right words can supply us with the inspiration and strength we desperately need. On a personal level, I know inspirational quotes and phrases have given me strength in the past — especially when I was at my lowest. Those same quotes and phrases have also helped me make the right decisions when I was contemplating major changes in my life. As humans, when things get tough, we have a tendency to fall back into our old unhealthy patterns.

This page will be a permanent repository for anti-disease model quotes from various sources such as PhD's Jeffrey Schaler PhD, Addiction Is A Choice,
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Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old addiction quotes, addiction sayings, and addiction proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. - Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads.

Are you struggling with an addiction? If you or someone you love is fighting against substance abuse, the following addiction quotes will help on the journey towards recovery. For even more support, have a look at these uplifting addiction recovery quotes. When you are fighting with an addiction, every bit of support is more than welcome. When the battle gets tough, it can be quite helpful to read or listen to inspirational individuals who successfully overcame their addiction. Sadly, the world is filled with highly addictive substances. What makes things even more difficult is that there are also many behaviors one can get addicted to.



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  1. “Addiction is a decision. An individual wants something, whatever that something is, and makes a desicion to get it. Once they have it, they make a decision to.

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