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asatru a native european spirituality pdf

Asatru: A Native European Spirituality by Stephen A. McNallen

I definitely lean more towards the metaphorical side, but great book and overview nevertheless. Much wisdom and strength packed between the covers.

We are supposed to imitate their best features and become more like them: wiser like Odin, stronger like Thor, more joy-filled like Freya, more potent like Frey, and so forth. They are our templates for higher evolution. And what do we give them? In the words of one ritual, we give them our might, our main, our troth - meaning our personal striving in furtherance of our highest ideals, the gift of our spiritual power, and, finally, our loyalty. We remember them, honor them, and try to become more like them. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.9)

The description of Thor in the myths gives us a way to relate to the being we call Thor, but it is not him. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.20)

In her role as Goddess of the fertile field, Sif reminds us where food comes from. Were used to finding our fruits and vegetables in neat piles in the produce section of the grocery store, and our wheat all made up into loaves of bread on shelves in aisle 7B. The Goddess with the golden hair whispers in our ears that life is more fragile than we know, and that hunger has been a scourge for humans for most of our existence. The earth must be treated with respect and care of she is to yield her bounty for the consumption of man. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.48)

All higher forms of life on Earth depend on the sea. The oceans absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, release oxygen, and determine our climate by circulating water from one place to another on a planetary scale. Life arose in the sea. The blood in our veins and the amniotic fluid that surrounds us before birth are tokens of this water nativity. The deities of the sea give life, and if their realm falters, death will follow for us and for all our works. The oceans, and the numinous beings they represent, deserve our love and our deepest reverence. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.50)

We have been Europeans for thirty or forty thousand years. For about ninety-seven percent of that time, we followed a religion other than Christianity. There is no proof that Christianity was anything more than a passing phase. Odin, on his seat high in Valhalla, is laughing. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.60) is uncanny that the Eddic accounts are precise metaphors for modern theories concerning the formation of the cosmos and the evolution of life. This is something that could not have been known until modern times, and it testifies to the wisdom of our ancestral lore. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.72)

Odin is the supreme model for personal evolution, our guide on the path to the Ubermensch or superhuman, and our inspiration to be and to do more. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.106)

To us, the purpose of life lies in maximizing wisdom, might, and joy, and in the affirmation of existence. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.119)

Right and Wisdom lead the way. All the others must serve them. Without Right and Wisdom, Might is mere bullying, Love slides into decadence, Prosperity descends to greed, - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.121)

As without, so within. We are not seperate from nature; we are an integral part of it. This corresponds well with the Hermetic axiom: As above, so below. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.150) this age of crumbling empires when, as Yeats wrote, the center fails to hold, communities can be the seeds of a new and better world. We must build them, and we will build them. - Stephen A. McNallen (Asatru: A Native European Spirituality, Pg.189)
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Stephen A. McNallen

“Asatru: A Native European Spirituality” by Stephen A. McNallen

Books written on the subject of spirituality and the occult always tend to work their way to the top of my reading pile. It is demanded of such texts that they be documental, speculative, and instructive. Whilst historical books need only be documental, scientific books dispense with speculation and philosophy, and fictional works offer little in the way of instruction. That holistic aspect of books on spirituality, I feel, gives them a distinct vitality. Stephen A. This is not a guide to one specific area of the religion but an intentionally well-rounded attempt at offering an insight into the fundamentals necessary to follow this path in life.

Greetings to all those who are interested in our native European faith, Odinism. Mead plays an important role in rituals among European pagans whether Celtic, Asatru, or Slavic. I was reading through The Rig Veda and saw there numerous references to honey in connection with soma. Mar 5, PDF Please select a format to send. These NRMs oppose Christianity and reclaim a primordial European or national spirituality for themselves. In , the "folkish vs.

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When Steve McNallen pledged his loyalty to the Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe in the late s, he could have hardly imagined the far-reaching implications of this personal act of devotion. Now, over forty years later, Asatru an Icelandic word that means true to the Gods is one of the fastest growing new religious movements in America. In Asatru: A Native European Spirituality , McNallen describes the origins and development of Asatru, its kinship with other tribal and ethnic religions, and the cosmological and philosophical underpinnings of this dynamic and inspiring faith. He outlines the rituals, seasonal festivals, and code of ethics embraced by modern practitioners of Asatru. More importantly, McNallen explains his vision of what Asatru can and must become.



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