Make your own soda syrup

make your own soda syrup Sweet-tart lime. Bright cherry. Creamy vanilla.†Natural sodas are vibrantly flavored with the zing of just-squeezed citrus juice, the sweetness of ripe berries, or the subtle perfume of fresh herbs. And with the popularity of countertop appliances that turn tap water into sparkling water, itís easier than ever to make the real thing in your own kitchen: simply mix a fresh soda syrup with bubbly water for a drink thatís as sweet (or not) as you likeóminus any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.††††††††††† In Make Your Own Soda, youíll find 70 recipes for all-natural syrups with unique, artisanal flavors like pineapple, lemongrass, and hibiscus, as well as old-time favorites like ginger, sarsaparilla, and grape.

Teach your dog 100 english words

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teach your dog 100 english words Follow the Vocabulary & Respect Training program, and your dog will become the attentive, responsive, well-behaved companion youve always wanted. The 100 Words program is more than a few basic obedience commands. Your dog will learn dozens of useful, practical words - plus respectfulness.Michele Wetson has a knack for explaining dog training so everyone can understand and be successful.

House therapy listen to your heart

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house therapy listen to your heart Bestselling author Julie Parsons (Mary, Mary, I Saw You, The Hourglass) is back with a powerful, compelling, and darkly chilling novel of violence, shame and deceit. On Sundays peace was restored. He would lie down, dream and remember. He would enjoy.

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