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star trek sacrifice of angels

Books similar to Sacrifice of Angels (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dominion War, #4)

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Star Trek DS9 Sacrifice of Angels original footage

“Favor the Bold”/“Sacrifice Of Angels” / “Favor the Bold”/“Sacrifice Of Angels”

A large fleet of Federation ships head towards Deep Space 9 to stop the Dominion destroying the Wormhole minefield. A Dominion fleet meets them in battle. Can the Defiant make it in time? The Federation fleet prepares for its assault on the Dominion fleet, outnumbered two to one. Operation Return has begun: the Federation attack fleet, commanded by Captain Benjamin Sisko , has encountered a massive Dominion blockade force — outnumbering the Starfleet vessels two-to-one.

With Sisko in command of the Defiant , the Federation fleet reaches the Dominion line of ships standing between it and Deep Space Nine. Sisko orders his troops to target only the Cardassian vessels, hoping to provoke them into breaking formation. On the space station, Damar — Gul Dukat's aide — is concerned that Kira , Jake , and Leeta might try to sabotage their plans again, so Dukat orders them held for questioning. The minefield that barricades the wormhole will be destroyed in hours, allowing thousands of waiting Dominion ships to invade the Alpha Quadrant and defeat the Federation. Although Dukat catches on to Sisko's plan, he lets his enemy through with hopes of toying with him later.

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Nutshell: Very entertaining I'm thinking some interesting things will come out of this episode, but I'm also thinking some other things will go unrealized. But, as the wrap-up to a certain extent of so many issues that this arc has presented, it demands to be scrutinized more heavily than a stand-alone action-adventure outing. To that end, "Sacrifice of Angels" also comes with a few noteworthy disappointments. I definitely enjoyed this episode a great deal, but there was just so much plot and action spinning out of control trying to rectify itself—and, while most of it worked, some aspects centering around the characters were left ambivalent or in some cases even a bit shallow. This outing is primarily an all-out action-adventure installment. The only problem with all-out action is that the resolution to huge problems holding dire consequences often comes down to the microcosmic actions of a few key people, and those people are usually led around the story by contrived circumstances.

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