Greatest boxers of all time

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greatest boxers of all time

100 Greatest Boxers of All Time by Bert Randolph Sugar

A self-descriptive title; this book gives short, often not all that informative bios of 100 fighters throughout the ages. It was written in 1984, when Mike Tyson was just a wee lad scoring his first KOs, so its a little out-dated. Sugar writes well, with humor and his own loose style, though he gets repetitive at times.

Only a casual fan, I dont know enough about boxing to disagree vehemently with his selections, but I do think he should have given the early black fighters an edge, since no one gave them a chance to prove how great they really were. Also, there are a few questionable calls: for example, Mysterious Billy Smith, that out-of-shape dirty fighter with a 28-19 record, ranked one ahead of Wilfredo Gomez, 40-1 with 40 KOs? Hard to know what the thinking is there.
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The Best Gravity-Defying Boxing Moments

But who had better records than him? In an era of great fighters, Tony Canzoneri was one of the best. The three-time world champion is one of only a select few of boxers to hold titles in three or more weight divisions at the same time.
Bert Randolph Sugar

RANKED: The 26 Greatest Boxers of All-Time

The world would be a boring place if everyone had the same opinion, right? But a recent list of the greatest boxers of all time by record-keeping boxing website BoxRec got a lot of people seriously wound up. A boxer can get up to another points per year for defeating No. Top wins per year are avenged by losses against lower-rated opponents in the referenced year, the year before and the year after. Top wins are rewarded much higher than medium-scale wins.

Plus Their Weight Classes, Ring Careers, and Records

Any ranking of the best fighters in boxing history is subjective. It is prone to overrating, underrating and disagreements of all sorts. Picking the best athletes in any sport is a daunting task. It's even more so in an individual sport like boxing. It's a measure of a fighter at his peak and how he compared to and fared against the other great fighters of his era. If not for his tragic death in an automobile accident in , many boxing observers feel that Salvador Sanchez may well have become the greatest featherweight fighter of all time. He is known for his devastating punching power, at one point winning 32 straight fights by knockout, and his wars with Mexican legends Carlos Zarate, Salvador Sanchez and Lupe Pintor.

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