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get fuzzy comic strip today

The Get Fuzzy Experience: Are You Bucksperienced by Darby Conley

When he was a child, Darby Conley used to wonder what his beloved pooch was thinking. That curiosity led to his creation of the hilarious strip Get Fuzzy in 1999, which has rapidly become one of the most popular cartoons in newspaper syndication. Showcasing the relationship between Bucky, a temperamental cat with an attitude; the sweet and sensitive dog Satchel; and their mild-mannered human companion, Rob Wilco, Get Fuzzy has cornered the market on anthropomorphic antics. Anyone who finds animals both amazing and amusing will find this new Get Fuzzy collection one of the most bitingly funny books ever printed.
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Darby Conley

About Get Fuzzy

Get Fuzzy is an American gag-a-day comic strip written and drawn by Darby Conley. The strip features the adventures of Boston advertising executive Rob Wilco and his two anthropomorphic pets, a dog named Satchel Pooch and a cat called Bucky Katt. The strip's humor comes from the conflict between Bucky's and Satchel's personalities, which are extreme stereotypes of cats and dogs. Rob, the middleman, is often frazzled from dealing with them, or more specifically, from dealing with Bucky's destructive nature and overall nastiness. The three characters live in an apartment on Boston's Longwood Avenue. Get Fuzzy often eschews the traditional "setup-punchline" format of most funnies, instead building on absurd dialog between characters.

When the Chronicle stopped publishing "Get Fuzzy" at the end of March, the emails started almost immediately:.
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Darby Conley is an American cartoonist best known for the newspaper comic strip Get Fuzzy. Conley was born in Concord, Massachusetts in , and grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. While in high school in , he won a student cartooning competition. Conley was a member of Amherst College 's a cappella group, the Zumbyes. Comics syndicate United Media agreed in to publish Conley's new strip Get Fuzzy about an anthropomorphic cat, Bucky, and dog, Satchel, living with their single young-male owner, Rob Wilco, which premiered on September 6, On October 30, , the city of Pittsburgh served as the punch line of a strip about tourism destinations based on smells.

At the center of this warm and fuzzy romp is Rob Wilco, a single, mild-mannered ad executive and guardian of anthropomorphic scamps Bucky and Satchel. Bucky is a temperamental cat who clearly wears the pants in this eccentric household. Satchel is a gentle pooch who tries to remain neutral, but frequently ends up on the receiving end of Bucky's mischief. Together, this unlikely trio endures all the trials and tribulations of a typical family Born in Massachusetts, Darby Conley spent most of his childhood in Tennessee.


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