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broken trail robert duvall cowboy movies

The Crime of Father Amaro by Eca de Queiros

Eca de Queirss novel is a lurid satire of clerical corruption in a town in Portugal during a period before and after the 1871 Paris Commune.

Young, virile Father Amaro arrives in Leira and is taken in as a lodger by Sao Joaneira. Her budding, devout, dewy-lipped daughter Amelia is soon lusted after by the young priest. What ensues is a secret love affair amidst a host of compelling minor characters: Canon Dias, a priest, glutton, and Sao Joaneiras lover; Dona Maria da Assuncao, a wealthy widow with a roomful of religious relics, agog at any hint of sex; Joao Eduardo, repressed atheist, free-thinker, and suitor to Amelia. Ecas incisive critique flies like a shattering mirror, jabbing everything from the hypocrisy of a rich and powerful Church, to the provincialism of Portuguese society of the time.
Haunting, The Crime of Father Amaro is the ghost of a forgotten religion of tolerance, wisdom, and equality. Margaret Jull Costa has rendered an exquisite translation and provides an informative introduction to a story that truly spans all ages. The Crime of Father Amaro inspired a series of magnificent paintings by the Portuguese artist Paula Rego, one of which graces the cover of this edition. The novel was also made into a controversial film, El Crimen del Padre Amaro by Mexican director Carlos Carrera in 2002.--BOOK JACKET.
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Broken Trail Un viaggio pericoloso 2006 guarda il film italiano

‘Broken Trail’ gives the classic Western a twist

The four-hour saga attempts to bridge a cultural divide using the classic tale of the old West to introduce the little-told stories of the atrocities perpetrated on Chinese girls who were enslaved as prostitutes in frontier mining towns. Veteran cowboy Print Ritter Duvall and his estranged nephew, Tom Harte Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church have agreed to undertake a 1,mile horse drive from Oregon to Wyoming, hoping to make their fortune on the sale of the herd. Their attempt to care for the girls runs into problems due to language, custom and circumstance, including bandits intent on kidnapping the young women for illicit means. The guys shot one another and stabbed one another and did all those things, but the women still had to be there. Most who found themselves in prostitution led awful lives, and few of them ever came out of it. Some did, and there are great stories of women who triumphed over this. Actors prepare in different ways With the plus hour days, Duvall tried to lighten things up during the down time, usually inviting cast members to dine together in the evenings.

Award-winning actor Robert Duvall has left his footprints all over the Wild West. Just take a look at this rap sheet…. Broken Trail In this critically-beloved miniseries that comes courtesy of AMC ahem , Duvall shrugs off the delinquency of his past to follow the cowboy code, and passes with flying colors. The similarities even extend to injuries. Duvall fractured his ribs during the filming, a feat that the Duke matched in a mishap during lensing of The Undefeated.

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In a dark, dank and crowded cellar, young Chinese women are rounded up and sold to an American intent on transporting them to the frontier to serve as prostitutes — a 19th-century chattel drive. Somewhere near the point where East meets West, five of them end up in the custody of two flinty cowboys who are taking a herd of wild horses across the wilderness to Wyoming. It's a majestic, lawless landscape that sets men free and immures women, and that clash is the crux of the two-part movie on AMC starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church that begins on Sunday. Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones, forever changed the television western; every cowboy drama since has been held up against "Lonesome Dove" and fallen a little short. Only "Deadwood," on HBO, has set its own standard as an anti-western where almost all the conventions of the genre are turned upside down.

Along the way, their simple horse drive is complicated when they rescue five Chinese girls from a slave trader, saving them from a life of prostitution and indentured servitude. Compelled to do the right thing, they take the girls with them as they continue their perilous trek across the frontier, followed by a vicious gang of killers sent by the whorehouse madam who originally paid for the girls. Broken Trail weaves together two historical events: the British buying horses in the American West in the late 19th century and Chinese women being transported from the West Coast to the interior to serve as prostitutes. Filmed on location in Calgary, Alberta. The miniseries originally aired on American Movie Classics as its first original film. In San Francisco in , countless Chinese girls are sold into slavery and brought to the American West to live as prostitutes among the miners and railway workers. Estranged from her son years earlier after he left the family ranch to become a buckaroo, she left behind a brief impersonal note informing her son that she left everything in her will to her brother Prent.

This originally aired as a two-night miniseries on television; its playing time on DVD is just over three hours. But television or not, its top-of-the-line casting, a strong story, good direction and excellent production values qualify it for this list. It won an Emmy for Best Miniseries. Church and Duvall. Along the way, they have a number of unexpected adventures, such as rescuing a wagon-load of non-English-speaking Chinese women destined for prostitution. They deal with problems provided by nature and by various miscreants, loathsome outlaws, prostitutes, vile madams and a lawless mining town. But the story and characters are what keep us watching.

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  1. Broken Trail is a Western television film directed by Walter Hill and starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church. Written by Alan Geoffrion, who also.

  2. Along the way, they acquire a hired hand Scott Cooper and then rescue five young Chinese girls — sold into slavery by their families — earmarked to become prostitutes in a local mining camp.

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