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A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 7 by Kazuma Kamachi

A legendary tome known as The Book of the Law, which describes how to summon an angel, has been stolen--and the nun who knows how to decipher it has been kidnapped. All of which should be completely irrelevant to high school student Touma Kamijou, whos still whiling away his time in Academy City. Except his famously terrible luck gets him involved in the rescue operation, and if he thought school life was bad enough, wait until he gets a taste of church politics!
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A Certain Magical Index Episode 7 English Dubbed

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Kazuma Kamachi

Kanzaki Kaori

Originally a magician affiliated with the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church , she rejected them and eventually joined Necessarius where she met Index and Stiyl Magnus and became friends with them. She is also a Saint and is currently one of the most formidable magicians in the series. Though she rejected the Amakusa Christians, she still feels a sort of longing for them, and eventually returns to them they are now a part of Necessarius to become their leader once again. It is likely, as many of her comrades are named after places in the Nagasaki Prefecture , that her name is derived from the Kozaki Catholic Church that can be found in Sasebo, Nagasaki. In Volume 4, her family name 'Kanzaki' can be translated as The Breaker of God which makes reference to her developed ability to even kill gods from the Amakusa Church Style Remix of Church. She is centimeters in height, [2] with long black hair tied up in a ponytail that reaches her hips.

The following is a list of characters from the light novel, manga and anime series, A Certain Magical Index , and its side-story manga and anime series, A Certain Scientific Railgun. The series primarily takes place in Academy City, a city filled with students who strive to become powerful espers, which is brought into conflict by the appearance of magicians. Unlike Tokiwadai, entry is not restricted to just espers but normal students with no powers are allowed admittance as well. It was also stated to have beaten Tokiwadai in Daihaisai Festival last year and this year. This elite girls middle school is located within District 7, the School Garden. As one of the most renowned girl schools in the world, all of the students come from rich backgrounds and are at least Level 3 espers, a requirement to enroll there. The school has the honor of having two of the Level 5 espers studying there.

Every single student is given an "Esper Rank" to indicate their power, and Touma is the lowest of the low: a Level 0 with no psychic talent whatsoever. The only thing he has going for him is his right hand: the Imagine Breaker, which has the ability to dispel any and all supernatural phenomena but also negates his own luck. His misfortune filled existence in Academy City takes a turn for the worse when a strange nun ends up on his apartment balcony: Index, a girl with the contents of over , forbidden magical grimoires locked away in her memories. She's on the run from a secret sect of sorcerers who want the information in her head, and drags Touma into the conflict between the magical and scientific factions of Academy City as well. The first series of novels has been completed with 22 main volumes and two short story volumes, and its follwup, "New Testament" Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index is complete with 23 volumes. Along with the novels, there is a media franchise consisting of sidestories, anime and manga adaptations, games, and spin-offs that headline some of the series's Ensemble Darkhorses. A Certain Magical Index has also been featured in various crossovers , usually with other Light Novel series that have the same the publisher, Dengeki Bunko.

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Index Cutest Moments #2 - Best Compilation from Toaru Series

She holds within herself , magical texts known as grimoires. Index is small in stature, has a petite build, and, much to her chagrin, a flat chest. Although she looks like a little girl and is even called one by Touma , she is actually 15 years old, making her one year older than the 6 foot 7 Stiyl, and only one year younger than Touma. She has thigh-length, silvery-white hair, and large green eyes. She is also often seen wearing her Walking Church, a white, modified nun's habit with gold highlights.

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  1. "Index of Prohibited Books") is the eponymous character of Toaru Majutsu no Index. Commonly known as Index, she is the main female character of the Magic Side; friendly enough with each other to have a nice dinner out at a certain family.

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