I love black history month

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i love black history month

Black History Month Quotes (23 quotes)

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Published 17.05.2019

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

50 Black History Month quotes Celebrating African American Contributions

In my home growing up, every day was Black History Month. The pearl white walls were decorated with iconic black art. As young as eight I was exposed to keynote speeches by scholar Dr. Mae Jemison. All of the college students my mother mentored were black women. Her black friends were educators and nurses and directors.

Black History Month quotes Celebrating African American Contributions

O ne can tell a great deal about a people, about a nation, by what it deems important enough to remember: what graces the walls of its galleries? What images appear on its currency and what holidays are celebrated? I would suggest, however, that one learns even more by examining what a nation chooses to forget. In the UK and in the United States, what is often forgotten or undervalued is the history and the experiences of its black citizens. The creation of a specific time period to recognise and celebrate the contributions and presence of African Americans was the idea of Carter G Woodson , a Harvard-trained historian who launched Negro History Week in February to mark the births of Abraham Lincoln, a president whose proclamation of emancipation began a slow process towards ending the institution of slavery, and Frederick Douglass , an abolitionist and freedom fighter whose escape from enslavement contributed mightily to the burgeoning US anti-slavery movement. Despite the time difference in their creation, Black History Month in the US and the UK share a common vision and purpose: to battle a sense of historical amnesia and remind all citizens that black people were also a contributing part of the nation.

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