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The Zucchini Warriors (Macdonald Hall, #5) by Gordon Korman

While especially the first and the third novels of Gordon Kormans MacDonald Hall series of boarding school stories (which I originally read in the early 1980s, when I was myself a teenager) rank as absolute personal favourites (and even the fourth instalment, which I read for the first time just a couple of days ago, was definitely still enjoyable enough albeit with rather grating and much too stereotypically depicted dictatorial bad teacher types), I am (upon now in the process of reading the entire seven novels in one sitting) sadly becoming increasingly annoyed amd frustrated with the series as it progresses, and indeed, the fifth MacDonald Hall novel, The Zucchini Warriors, I really can only grudgingly consider barely readable (and certainly and truthfully not all that personally entertaining).

Of course, not ever having been in any way a fan of football as a sport (and thus also not really all that much into novels and stories that deal with, that have football as a main theme) has probably already kind of prejudiced me against The Zucchini Warriors right from the onset. But no, it is definitely not really (not just) that which has taken most of the potential reading pleasure shine off of this Bruno and Boots story for me. For honestly (and at least in my humble opinion), Gordon Korman seems to not only be running out of ideas, but he also seems to be simply writing a standardly repeating script. And when the script of The Zucchini Warriors then becomes massively overly inundated with both stereotypical characters, stock-like scenarios, repetitive behavioural patterns and actually also seems to in some ways with the police involvement regarding Kevin Klapper kind of but in a very pale and sadly lifeless manner mirror at least some of the scenes of my favourite series instalment, Beware the Fish!, well, my initial mild amusement and actually also my albeit a bit hesitant appreciation that the funds donating former football hero (who was actually an erstwhile MacDonald Hall student) in fact turned out not to be as groan worthy an individual as I had first expected but a pretty decent, and albeit of course a trifle too much football-crazed for my tastes still a very humanistic and likeable person, this quickly turned to impatience and more than a bit of annoyance and frustration (especially with regard to science geniuss Elmer Drimsdales transformation and also that he, even thought he is supposed to be so very intelligent, does not realise that trying to raise non endemic to Canada rodents in his school dormitory room could be a huge and problematic issue and could inundate surrounding areas with his Manchurian Bush Hamsters, with a non native to Canada species of animal). Not to mention that while I have actually and indeed much appreciated that the star quarterback for the MacDonald Hall Zucchini Warriors ends up being Mis Scrimmages Cathy Burton, from a feminism perspective and point of view, I certainly would have much preferred to have had her openly function as the bona fide official quarterback and not pretending to be Elmer Drimsdale, as that does kind of send the wrong message (for it in my opinion seems to indicate that according to Gordon Korman, girls might indeed be capable of playing football on a boys team, but only if they are sneaky about it and pretend not to be female).

Not a terrible, horrible or in any way inappropriate story by any means, and I can certainly understand that some if not even many especially younger readers might still consider The Zucchini Warriors as fun and as engaging as the earlier MacDonald Hall series instalments. However, I have personally found The Zucchini Warriors only very very mildly amusing at best, and pretty annoying and aggravating in far far too many places (and indeed, although I have only read this novel now as an older adult and not like the first three MacDonald Hall novels as a teenager, I still pretty much and strongly believe that even if I had actually read The Zucchini Warriors as a child or as a teenager, I would not have liked the storylines, the focus on football, the way that Elmer changes, that Cathy pretends to be the latter in order to be the MacDonald Hall quarterback all that much if at all).
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Pass the Plate was a multicultural short-form series filmed in ten countries that is produced by Riverstreet Productions in association with Disney Channel.
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