Choosing career over love quotes

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choosing career over love quotes

Career Quotes (685 quotes)

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Published 10.05.2019

Love Life Or Career? The Debate Is Getting Hot

Choosing Love Over Career Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2019

We both quit our jobs and used our savings to go full-time on a startup we had together in graphic and web design. As you can probably tell by the term EX-husband, it did not work out very well. At the end of 18 months, we were barely profitable, and I realized that this was because I was essentially carrying a dead weight of a business partner. I had a serious talk with him where I showed him very specific instances of him not pulling his weight, and that I thought we needed to discuss the prospect of him leaving the company and me reabsorbing his shares, which I would then give to another partner who could really take our company to the next level. Long story short, he did not take that well and threatened me with all kinds of legal action if I kicked him out of the company.

You have the diehard romantics who'd tell you to choose love. And on the Has anyone regretted choosing career over love? 39, Views.
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Sometimes when people sacrifice their dreams for the sake of their partners, they are not really being stupid as some may think them to be. They just found out some things are more important than others, and some worth letting go temporarily or even permanently. However, I think when you find someone to share your life with, you realize much more happiness compared to whatever career accomplishment brings when you have no special someone or family to share it with. It sure gets lonely at the top having achieved everything, at the expense of love or family. There are some things that career women especially do not understand. Everything else can wait. Yet again, many women including men walked this path and in the end became quite desperate and sometimes loneliest of beings.

If you ever do find yourself having to make the big love or career decision, here are a few things you really need to understand. While falling in love may be easy, staying in love needs two soul mates that understand each other and are selfless in love. Now this is true. Instead of worrying about love or career, think of ways to make it work better. Will one promotion in your career satiate your ambitious heart?

Are you in your 20s? Are you an entrepreneur? It makes sense, right? This is the only time in your life when you have no ties, no mortgage, and no kids to support. This is the only time you can really do something ambitious. And everyone around you agrees.

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  1. Quotes About Love Vs Career | Quote Career Quotes, Quotes For Students, Love Quotes .. Choose to accept what you can't easily change and work around it. all of them have changed over the years as I grow older and 'supposedly' wiser.

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