Stories of animals saving lives

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stories of animals saving lives

True Tales of Animal Heroes by Allan Zullo

Hmmm... I swear I have read this before so why didnt it show up on my GR? Could it really have been that long ago that I read this or did I just forget to add it?

Anyway this was one of those nice quick reads to break-up the atmosphere of Pike. Also I was planning on a book that wouldnt take too much time while helping to cut down on my reading pile that needs to be moved eventually whether it stays or goes.

This particular read, though, is a collection of various animals who have become heroes for their actions whether they were pets or not. And as such there is a nice varied feel to these short stories, most of which have their own unique voice and reading style apart from each other, which is a friendly break to the reader.

Whether you can guess as to the animal that will be mentioned can also make for a nice game. Although there are a few tricky titles that may give the reader a run for the money.

Otherwise the reading is nice and easy so makes for a wonderful transitional book. With plenty of small chapters acting as stories there are also lots of breaking points to help young readers from feeling overwhelmed.

In the end this was definitely a cute and charming book. I would highly recommend it for children who enjoy animals but animal-loving adults may also enjoy a once read-over, especially if they just want a quick read to escape from reality.
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9 Wild Animals That Saved Human Lives

Is it possible for a wild animal to save a human?
Allan Zullo

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Oliver Taylor , Updated June 27, Wild dolphins, porpoises, and deer have saved humans. As have lions, bears, and whales. However, not all of the animals on this list saved humans on purpose. Some only became unwitting heroes, while the motivations of others remain in doubt.

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Domestic animals have often been known to save their human companions from danger. However, it is truly astonishing to hear about undomesticated animals who are compelled to rush in and save the day, when they have had little to no prior experience with humans. Prepare to be amazed by the stories of these wild animals who — without any apparent reason — stepped in and saved humans from imminent death. In June , a twelve-year-old girl was snatched by four men in rural south-west Ethiopia as she made her way home from school. A week after the kidnapping, her captors were attempting to move her, with police in hot pursuit, when three lions chased the men off. She told them that although she had been beaten by her kidnappers — who it is believed had been attempting to sell her into a forced marriage — the lions had not touched her.

2. Gorilla mama saves 3-year-old boy

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. You don't have to be pulled out of a well by a plucky collie to know that there is such a thing as hero animals. But when you think of them, you probably picture disaster rescue dogs or a chimp sheriff

Today, we'd like to take the opportunities to share some highly compelling stories, those that are not usually told in the media, but that definitely make this world a better place, as it is not only humans that have acts of kindness and bravery, more often than not, animals are the kindest and altruistic creatures of all. And this emphasis will be put on stories with animals that have saved human lives as the main characters, those furry, fuzzy, shady and shadowy heroes who do not seek neither glory nor recognition, those vigilantes who act with the sole aim of being fair-minded and balanced in spirit. Like a snake wandering through the darkest corners of the internet, we have found amazing stories, incredible facts about the generosity that lies in the heart of our animal friends. Joann Altsman collapsed to the ground one day like any other, a senseless pain hit her chest, she was the victim of a cardiac arrest, alone at home she would have definitely left this world if she hadn't received the assistance of her Vietnamese pig named Lulu. The latter, seeing her mistress twisting in pain on the ground, came out of the house at full speed, she did not hesitate to block traffic by lying down on the road to alert someone so they could help her mistress. Not accepting denial for answer, she relentlessly tried to get help while walking back home with the sole purpose of watching over Joann, and then rushed back to the street to alert someone.


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  1. Prepare to be amazed by the stories of these wild animals who – without any apparent reason – stepped in and saved humans from imminent death.

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