Who was baby face nelson

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who was baby face nelson

Profile for Baby Face Nelson from Public Enemies: Americas Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34 (page 1)

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Published 07.05.2019

11 Facts About Serial Killer Baby Face Nelson

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Wikimedia Commons Baby Face Nelson. Before he became a hardened killer, a teenage Baby Face Nelson started out stealing tires and cars, bootlegging, and committing armed robberies. And soon with his new nickname firmly in place and his wife and partner in crime, Helen, along for the ride Nelson would graduate to much bloodier crimes ones that would bring him to the attention of law enforcement, the media, and the American zeitgeist itself. However, unlike many other murderous gangsters of the s, Nelson seemed to have an atypical bloodlust. Wikimedia Commons Little Bohemia Lodge. The FBI learned of their whereabouts on April 22, , and dispatched agents to the scene. Luckily for Nelson, barking dogs alerted the gangsters and they slipped out the back under cover of darkness.

Lester Gillis, also known as Baby Face Nelson, particularly disliked his nickname and would sometimes grow facial hair to appear older. He also went by the name George Nelson. He received average grades in school but left after eighth grade. After spending two years in a juvenile detention center, he was free for only a few months before he was sent back. Before he was released the second time his father died and Nelson felt obligated to help support his mother.

Lester Joseph Gillis (December 6, November 27, ), known by the alias George Nelson and Baby Face Nelson, was an American bank robber in the.
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From petty crime Nelson graduated into labour racketeering, working for Al Capone 31 and other bootleg bosses; he was let go, however, proving too violent even for them. He then turned to bank robberies, joining with John Dillinger on two occasions Baby Face Nelson. Article Media. Info Print Cite.



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  1. He was given the nickname Baby Face due to his youthful appearance and small stature, although few dared call him that to his face.

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