Holy trinity mind body soul

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holy trinity mind body soul

Trinity Quotes (81 quotes)

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Published 01.05.2019

Mind, Body and Soul Healing = Holy Trinity

The Trinity of Body Mind Soul

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Body mind soul is one package, containing your entire life experience, most of which is not evident. It is hidden from even you, like a glacier. We are all spiritual beings, each of us with the gift of the body mind soul package. When we are not very aware of our essentially spiritual nature, we tend to identify ourselves as just one thing or the other. Some of us think we are this body that does things, or we're a mind that has to figure it out. Our soul, we may imagine, is something that floats up and may or may not live on after we die.

Often we try to ask our human thinking for the Trinity explained. But as we humans are we get caught up in misperceived notions. Perception in general always involves some misuse of your mind because it brings your mind body spirit into areas of uncertainty. In book 1 of the series I dive into…The mind is very active, and when it chooses to be separated and conflicting it can only perceive. But it does desire to know, and chooses carefully out of uncertainty when it perceives. Even when we think about the process of our mind body spirit, we see it in a physical sense, often relating it to our brain, rather than our connection to the universe.


Why is this important. Because everything in our body works together, we are nothing without the connections that make us whole. Some of the terms I will use may have a different meaning then you are used to. What is the difference between the Brain and the Mind. There is Mind and nothing but Mind.

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