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oasis game in real life

Ready Player One Quotes by Ernest Cline

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Published 25.04.2019

Infinadeck - 'Ready Player One' VR Treadmill

All the futuristic technologies from 'Ready Player One,' and how close they are to becoming reality

Geek, gamer, writer, graphic artist. The Oasis of Ready Player One is the stuff of dreams. A world made up of a thousand worlds. A universe, as the movie trailer describes, where people visit for all the things they can do, and stay because of all the things they can be. In fact, given recent advancements in virtual reality and haptic technology, the actual science might be no more than a few years away. Even if it happens, you can be sure many would go to extremes to crush the fantasy. It will never be the incredible marvel it is in the novel and movie.

The America of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One is dystopian -- post-energy crisis, life is kind of a bummer -- in all but its view of virtual reality. The VR tech in both the book and the current Steven Spielberg movie which, despite resembling the excellent book only in world building and at major climax points, is also not bad beats anything available on the market today. It lacks the extremely sensitive haptic gloves and suits that allow the lightest touch to register -- and objects to provide real-world-like feelings and feedback. A recent report released by analyst IDTechX suggests those technologies are on the way, but have challenges to overcome. Advanced haptics features such a thermal variation are even rare in high end systems. I caught up with Joel Breton, general manager of Vive Studios, to talk about the differences and how soon that gap might close.

'Ready Player One' Inspires Real-Life 'Oasis' VR Wonderland that integrates with "real world environments for the purpose of Gaming.".
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2. Commercial Competition

He lives in a futuristic world where everyone — the young, old, poor, and rich — spends the vast majority of their time in virtual reality VR , to avoid the dystopian real world where poverty and despair run rampant as a result of global warming and overpopulation. Based on the novel by Ernest Cline, "Ready Player One" paints a rather pessimistic view of society's growing dependence on technology, but also depicts the fantastical possibilities presented by VR and other futuristic technologies. Given the many realistic-looking and fantastical gadgets and technologies featured in "Ready Player One," we took a closer look at some of the most exciting technologies featured in the film to see how they compare with innovation happening in the real world. In the movie, players are able to touch, pick up, and hold onto things — and even people — in VR that are not really there in real life. They can sit in virtual chairs and lean on virtual surfaces without falling down in the real world. While this is the ideal future of VR technology and it looks great on screen, complete immersion is really difficult to achieve in real life, mostly because it's just really impractical. For example, many players are seen running through real 3D space, out in public, which is obviously a massive safety hazard.

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  1. Having read the book years ago and being enthralled by the captivating virtual world Earnest Cline created, I initially did not expect any movie to live up to my own imagination.

  2. Imagine you want to build a giant virtual reality world for millions of people to share. I am not talking about a photo-realistic, complete real-time The traditional approach of the game industry does not work here and paying.

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