As the life of a flower

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as the life of a flower

A Weed Is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver by Aliki

A Weed is a Flower: The Life of George Washington Carver
By: Aliki
32 pages
5 out of 5 stars

From creating a bar of soap from a sweet potato, to churning peanuts into a smooth butter, George Washington Carver is well-known for his inventions made from simple plants. Born from slavery, Carver’s curiosity lead him to explore the world, and ask questions no one ever thought of asking. His love and skills for nurturing plants lead to all sorts of discoveries he sought the answers to. With hard work and determination, Carver eventually went to college and then taught other students the sciences of plants. Soon, Carver started to discover new inventions from using his plants. He created a bar of soap from sweet potato, paper made from peanut shells, and creamy butter from peanuts which became a presently well-known snack for people of all ages. Carver passionately continued working and discovering until his death. His legacy still lives on and his inventions are well appreciated, as well as delicious. This book is a must read because it tells the story of an aspiring black inventor that is often left out in history books. His inventions are continuously used today, yet are taken for granted since not many people know about the man behind these everyday materials. Young history fans will love reading this book, especially if they are a fan of African American history. There are so many African American inventors, inspirers, and entertainers that are unmentioned or forgotten in history due to the lack of credit they were given. Learning about historical people, like George Washington Carver, will increasingly help children understand and appreciate American history, and know who were the original inventors and inspirers of machines, products, sciences, and entertainment. I like this book because it teaches African American history in a picture book format, which is easy for early readers. Also, it was inspiring and fascinating to learn all of Carver’s invention from simple, basic plants. So the next time you are eating a PB and J sandwich from Jif or Skippy, you’ll know exactly who originally invented peanut butter.
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As The Life of A Flower - A Cappella Hymn

AS THE LIFE OF A FLOWER. Thou carriest them away as with a flood; they are as a sleep: in the morning they are like grass which groweth up. In the morning it .

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Two music videos of "Life Is a Flower" were shot. The first one was not finished and has never been released. It was rejected by the record label, although they had invested a lot of money in it. Scenography didn't fit to the happy message of the song and it was found too dark and heavy. The second music video was officially released and is much more colourful and funny. Part of the storyboard was created by Jenny Berggren herself.

As the life of a flower, As a breath or a sigh, So the years that we live. As a dream hasten by. True, today we are here, But tomorrow must leave-- Just a grave in.
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