How to improve your speaking voice

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how to improve your speaking voice

Voice Lessons - Vocal Training for Improving Your Speaking Voice by L.K. Fisher

Do you dislike the sound of your voice? Is your voice unclear, too nasal, monotonous or breathy? Does speaking on the telephone make you nervous? Are you self-conscious about the sound of your voice? Are you asked to speak up or repeat yourself a lot?

Chances are you tried to change your voice but failed; imitating other people’s voice is unnatural and impossible to keep up for long; lengthy and complicated self-help manuals require months of work and results are few, far apart and hard to measure.

But don’t give up because you can have the professional, confident voice that commands the respect and attention you deserve by practicing the simple exercises in this book.

You can significantly improve your voice in only 28 days just by practicing a few minutes each day. Not only will you learn how to improve your voice overall, but also how to correct specific voice defects such as nasality, hyponasality, aspiration and throatiness, and the best part is you can start feeling confident about the sound of your voice from day one.

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Simplest Way To Make Your Voice More Attractive & Powerful - How To Speak From The Diaphragm

Speak for Success!

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. We hit the gym to shed fat, we cut our hair to look respectable, we even buy unnecessary things to impress women. Almost everyone hates the voice they have now. Not great right? But the good news is that you can change your speaking voice. You can make it better and sound how you want. Your voice has a tremendous impact on how you feel and how you are seen in the world.

Public Speaking public speaking tips. When you speak, your voice is your most important tool. It influences the impact of your speech and can make or break its success. Fortunately, you can learn to use your voice, just like playing a musical instrument, to increase your power and persuasiveness in any conversation or speech that you give. When you speak more slowly, your voice has more power and authority.

Would you like to develop a stronger and more attractive voice, so you're taken more seriously, interrupted less, and treated with greater.
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2) Use Voice Exercises

If you ever wondered, are there any TED talks about our speaking voice? - A Six Minutes reader whose career depends on a strong, confident voice sent in this question:. For some reason my voice quivers.

We have all heard at least one person in our lives whose voice is so beautiful and rich that we enjoy listening to them speak, sometimes regardless of what they are actually saying. While developing perfect vocal intonation and diction can be a lifelong task, a beautiful sounding voice can be obtained in a relatively short amount of time. All you need is a little guidance and some dedicated practice. So if you would like to develop a perfect speaking voice, start with Step 1 below. The best way to develop a perfect speaking voice is by practicing your speech. Take the time to practice speaking loudly, slowly, and clearly.


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  1. Do some vocal exercises. Practicing vocal exercises can be a good way to develop your natural speaking voice.

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