How to beat a full court press

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how to beat a full court press

Full Court Press by Mike Lupica

In the book “Full Court Press” by Mike Lupica, the main character is a girl named Dee Gerard. She is the daughter of a playground basketball extraordinaire and she want’s to follow in her father’s footsteps, except take it one step further. In her journey, she runs into many problems, but one problem really sticks out from the others.

Gerard was a star basketball player back in Europe, but retired due to poor playing conditions and minimal play. She was good, but it didn’t seem as if her career was going to advance any further, until one life changing moment. A scout for the New York Knights watched Gerard play and was impressed with her. He called one of his bosses to talk about the possibility of signing her. The scout purposely forgot to mention one thing to his boss. That she was a girl.

Why was this such a significant detail to leave out? No girl has ever played in the NBA before and the media presence surrounding this signing would be never-ending. She may be talented, but the fact that she was a girl could have ruined the deal. But it didn’t.

The deal became official and Dee was now a member of the New York Knights. Moving from Europe to New York was a life changing thing for her. She would leave her family and friends to pursue her dreams of playing in the NBA.

Once the season started, Dee waited and waited for her opportunity to play. Many games went by and she didn’t get her chance. The crowd was restless and wanted to see Dee play. They began to chant “We want Dee! We want Dee! We want Dee!” (173), but the coaching staff continued to ignore the fans’ demands. Due to this, the Knights fired their head coach.

With a new coach at the helm, Dee finally got her shot. In her playing time, Dee impressed and looked like she belonged on the court. Her team was in the playoff hunt, but were unlikely to advance to the playoffs.

Unlikely wasn’t a word found in Dee’s dictionary. She fought until the very end and that attitude quickly spread throughout the team’s locker room. After going on a win streak, Dee and the Knights had one game to go. The game was for all the marbles. Win and advance or lose and go home.

The Knights were facing the Heat, but the Knights had home-court advantage. In sports, this kind of advantage could be the deciding factor. The advantage didn’t show and the Knights were down 68-54 in the third quarter.

Facing a 14 point deficit, Dee put the team on her back. Even if she was the only woman in the NBA, she was the Knights’ leader. After facing doubt her whole life, coming back from this kind of deficit was well within her reach. Slowly but surely, the Knights trimmed away at the Heat’s lead. With less than a minute to go, Dee and the Knights led the Heat 110-104. Time eventually ran out and the Knights, led by Dee Gerard, were headed to the playoffs in a miraculous comeback.
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How to Use the 1-4 Press Break to Destroy a Diamond or Man to Man Press

Basketball Press Break: How to Inbound vs. Full-Court Pressure Defense

A big test for any team is the ability to break a full court or half court press. There are a number of presses a defense can throw at you, but the key to breaking every single one of them comes down to execution of fundamentals and making game time decisions. Your team must have a solid set of fundamentals such as passing, catching, and dribbling. The other area you need to focus on is developing your team to make game time decisions such as knowing when to use pass fakes and taking care of the ball to not commit silly turnovers. This article will show you a universal Press Break but will also have plenty of Press Break tips, Press Break plays, and Press Break drills for you to use your team. Every team can benefit from having a Press Break Offense ready to go when your opponent switches things up on the defensive end.

I appreciate that there are many ways to do the right thing in coaching basketball. However, when it comes to press break, and more specifically how to inbound the ball vs. I can say this with confidence because any full-court pressure man-to-man system I have ever learned about wants the offense to inbound directly to the ball side corner. When thinking about offense, I always reflect on what the defense wants me to do, and how I can counter their strength. There is no better example than passing the ball inbound vs. There is an easy solution.

Three "looks". When receiving the inbounds pass, catch it and get into triple-threat position facing the defense and look up the floor before immediately starting your dribble. Look up. See the floor. Look up the court.

When to Run a Full-Court Press:

A well-drilled team running a full-court press is exciting to watch and can be devastatingly effective against any opponent. When your players are all on the same page and rotating as one unit, the press will give you many advantages that can turn a game in your favor.

Show less Ask a Question Related Articles References. The full court press is a common tactic used by the defensive team in basketball. This strategy puts a lot of pressure on the offensive team, sometimes even putting two players guarding the ball. While the press can be stressful, an offensive attack can defeat it.

O3 is the in-bounder and should get the ball out of the net quickly and try to get the ball in-bounds before the defense can get their press set. Do not set up right under the basket, as the backboard may prevent you from making a long, overhead pass. The pass back to O3 is another option, and O3 should always stay behind the ball as a safety pass backwards. O5 goes long and will eventually end up at the right low block, just like in our secondary. In fact, if the point guard can beat the press, then we should flow right into our secondary break with O2 going up the right sideline, O4 out to the left elbow-three-point line area and O3 trailing up the middle. If the in-bounds pass goes to O1 on the opposite side same side as O4 , then O4 stays up the sideline and O2 flashes to the middle just the opposite of the left-hand diagram above.


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