How do the royals get their titles

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how do the royals get their titles

The Royals by Kitty Kelley

Kitty Kelley, bestselling investigative biographer, delivers a controversial portrait of the British royal family as told from behind the palace walls...perfect for fans of Netflixs The Crown.

They are the most chronicled family on the face of the globe. Their every move attracts headlines. Now Kitty Kelley has gone behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace to raise the curtain on the men and women who make up the British royal family. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princess are the scandals of the last decades: the doomed marriages and the husbands, wives, lovers and children caught in their wake and damaged beyond repair. No one is spared.

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Explaining The Complicated British Royal Family Tree

How do the Royal Family get their titles and what will Meghan Markle's official name be?

The royals , quite literally, go by many names. They accumulate honors and knighthoods on the regular, but it really gets confusing when they travel around the U. Understandably, it's easy to be thrown after hearing Prince William referred to as Baron Carrickfergus. There is also the question of surnames. While the royal family generally doesn't use last names, when required on official documents and the like, the Queen's children can use the last name "Mountbatten-Windsor," a hybrid of the royal House of Windsor and the name Philip assumed when he became a naturalized British citizen.

In , Kensington Palace released Prince George's official birth certificate , and while we already knew the baby heir's full name, something else stood out: Kate Middleton's occupation. While she typically goes by the title the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was listed as a princess of the United Kingdom. The royals made it clear Kate should not be known as Princess Catherine, but as reflected in the birth certificate, she officially received the title "Princess William of Wales" upon marriage. Since British royal titles can be confusing, here's a guide! If the monarch is a man, he goes by the title king, but the husband of a female monarch does not get the title of king — instead he's a prince. The title of queen is given in two cases: a queen who rules by her birthright is called a "queen regnant" think Elizabeth II , while a "queen consort" is the wife of reigning king so Kate Middleton will be a queen consort. A duke or duchess is the member of nobility that ranks right bellow the monarch.

The Royal Family have all sorts of different titles from the Duke of Cambridge to the Prince of Wales, but how exactly do these titles come about? It's a fortunate coinciding of events as Prince Harry is an Arsenal fan and he'd have potentially had to skip his own wedding if the Gunners had have made the final again this year. Harry is sixth in line to the throne so he will likely never be king and doesn't have as confusing a title as many members of the Royal Family. The titles of duke and duchess etc are from the super olden days that conferred power to people in ye olde British political and landowning order. These days the Royal Family aren't as free to go lopping heads off people they don't like the look of like they could a few hundred years ago, but the titles still remain.

When Prince Harry and Prince William married their wives, they received their official royal titles

The noble titles of duke, duchess, earl, countess, and so on are relics of the peerage system, a hierarchy that conferred power to people in ye olde British political and landowning order. In feudal times, these titles—and the jobs that came with them—were passed down to male heirs and their spouses. At the top, of course, sits the king or queen. There are some special naming rules for the head of state. If a king sits on the throne, his wife is called the queen consort. However, if the queen is running the show —as is true at the present moment—her husband has no automatic right to a title.

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