How to say bear in polish

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how to say bear in polish

Wojtek the Bear: Polish War Hero by Aileen Orr

This is the inspiring true story of one of the Second World War’s most unusual combatants—a 500-pound cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking brown bear. Originally adopted as a mascot by the Polish Army in Iran, Wojtek soon took on a more practical role, carrying heavy mortar rounds for the troops and going on to play his part as a fully enlisted ‘soldier’ with his own rank and number during the Italian campaign.

After the war, Wojtek, along with some of his Polish compatriots from II Corps, came to Berwickshire, where he became a significant member of the local community before subsequently moving to Edinburgh Zoo. Wojtek’s retirement was far from quiet: a potent symbol of freedom and solidarity for Poles around the world, he attracted a huge amount of media interest that shows no sign of abating more than 45 years after his death. In an extended introduction, journalist and historian Neal Ascherson reflects on the Polish experience in the Second World War, and gives full recognition to the Poles’ heroic sacrifice and the extraordinary influence they had on the countries in which they served.
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The Adorable Bear That Served In WWII

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Love is always in the air! And we all express it different ways…. In Poland, terms of endearment are often animal related and calling someone teddy bear, kitten, froggie, baby tiger or mouse is quite normal. Kocham tylko Ciebie na zawsze — I love only you forever. Did I miss something?

Polish has been named the most difficult language to learn by so many websites, bloggers and people I know. If you only speak your native language, how can you possibly know what is and what is not difficult? And all this makes learning another language so much easier!
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2. Poles don’t snack.

Masha And The Bear - ???? Summer Holidays????

I've learnt some adjectives like najmilszy, najlepszy, jedyny, and I know slonko, sloneczko to call my Polish boyfriend. Can anyone suggest please any other caring words I could use instead of traditional and oh so overused Honey or Baby? Some words,translated literally, of course won't sound appropriate to call someone in Polish, I've tried. BTW, Ivona synthesiser is very helpful!! Te two first ones - my dearest, my beloved, kotus, koteczek come from a cat - meaning warm and cuddly, misiaczek is a teddy bear like, only you my teddy bear, again something loved, cherished I can add "tygrysik" as baby tiger I know it may sound odd in english, but no polish men would mind any of the words.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Read more here. Search for more words in the Chinese-English dictionary. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. PL misiu misio.

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