How to make a starry night

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how to make a starry night

Starry Night Quotes (12 quotes)

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Published 06.04.2019

Painting a Starry Night Bridge with Acrylics in Under 10 Minutes!

How To Paint Starry Night

This is an art assignment I made last year. You had to pick a famous painting and replicate it, but with two options: 1: an exact replica 2: using different materials and techniques. So, after a bit of looking at paintings, I decided to go for Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, my favorite painting by one of my favorite painters. Since I really wanted to give this painting my personal touch, I decided to go for option two. But, that gave me second choice: Which materials and techniques? I don't have a large amount of pictures to choose from as I usually can, because when I was starting with this project I wasn't thinking about making an instructable of it.

Learn to draw stars in Adobe Illustrator. I will be showing you the quickest way to create fast random stars using Transform Each Illustrator effect. You will be able to achieve great looking stars background in this Illustrator tutorial. Select the Rectangle Tool, and draw out the background. Go to layers to lock it to prevent selecting it.

Step 2: Dividing

The oil-on-canvas painting is dominated by a night sky roiling with chromatic blue swirls, a glowing yellow crescent moon, and stars rendered as radiating orbs. One or two cypress trees, often described as flame-like, tower over the foreground to the left, their dark branches curling and swaying to the movement of the sky that they partly obscure., Have you ever wanted to paint a night sky, with all its stars and galaxies? This tutorial tends to be a bit messy, so it is a good idea to prep the space you are working in with a drop cloth.

Widely hailed as Van Gogh's magnum opus, the painting depicts the view outside his sanatorium room window at night, although it was painted from memory during the day. Though Van Gogh revisited this scene in his work on several occasions, "Starry Night" is the only nocturnal study of the view. Thus, in addition to descriptions evident in the myriad of letters he wrote to his brother, Theo, it offers a rare nighttime glimpse into what the artist saw while in isolation. One has the impression that the artist has expelled his inner conflict onto a canvas. Everything here is brewed in a huge cosmic fusion. The sole exception is the village in the foreground with its architectural elements. Several months after painting Starry Night , Van Gogh wrote: "Why, I say to myself, should the spots of light in the firmament be less accessible to us than the black spots on the map of France?

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