How is satire used in a modest proposal

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how is satire used in a modest proposal

A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works by Jonathan Swift

The originality, concentrated power and ‘fierce indignation’ of his satirical writing have earned Jonathan Swift a reputation as the greatest prose satirist in English literature. Gulliver’s Travels is, of course, his world renowned masterpiece in the genre; however, Swift wrote other, shorter works that also offer excellent evidence of his inspired lampoonery. Perhaps the most famous of these is A Modest Proposal, in which he straight-facedly suggests that Ireland could solve its hunger problems by using its children for food. Also included in this collection are The Battle of Books, A Meditation upon a Broomstick, A Discourse Concerning the Mechanical Operations of the Spirit and An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity in England.
This inexpensive edition will certainly be welcomed by teachers and students of English literature, but its appeal extends to any reader who delights in watching a master satirist wield words as weapons.
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Satire in "A Modest Proposal"

The Use of Satire in A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

Satire is a method used by multitudes of authors and other artists for a plethora of different reasons. The ways that this method of literature is used is varied, and it is always interesting and somewhat difficult to find out exactly why these texts are written. Swift, D. The poem is more personal than political, and is more comedic in the sense that he satirizing himself as well as other people groups. The self-defeating rhetorical approach is embodied in this poem in the way that he puts himself down and exposes his own follies throughout the poem. While this is no doubt somewhat.

Satire is a specific classification of writing that occasionally makes utilization of realistic and performing expressions with the aim of scorning society into self-change. With social criticism being its fundamental objective, it uses dark sarcasm as its primary device to get the point across. Satire impacts people to reconsider themselves so as to alter senseless thoughts and behaviors. Different techniques are utilized in delivering the satirical impact, those of which use wit as their primary. After suggesting the idea of eating babies and wearing their. However some social commentators, such as Jonathan Swift in his pamphlet A Modest Proposal, use clever, targeted, and ironic criticism to bring the social state of Ireland to the attention of indolent aristocrats.

Essay about A Swift Change Is Imminent

A modest proposal in "modest advice" shows some forms of satire through the story. Satire is humor, sarcasm, exaggeration, or absurd behavior to reveal or criticize people's foolishness and bad habits. Google In "discreet suggestions" Swift uses satirical works. This is a sarcastic form. Imitation is to tease something primarily to create a sense of humor.

It is especially used in contemporary politics or other topical issues of the period. When looking and using satire, main characteristics of it are humour, grotesque and comic imagery, exaggeration to imply irony and caricatures. During this period, thousands of people living in Ireland were suffering the horrific circumstances of poverty and consequently dying. Irony is a well used characteristic of satire and plays a vital role as it sets the tone for the piece of literature. Catch is also another outstanding example of the clever use of satire in literature. The blunt and serious edge to the tone only adds a comical spin to the dark humour of the story, clear characteristics of satire.

Jonathan Swift is undoubtedly one, if not the most, prominent satirical writers of the eighteenth century. In his writings he presents a blatant social criticism mocking the political, social, and religious norms of Irish society through the use of irony and exaggeration. Swift goes so far as to think of recipes and ways to make the skin into gloves and handbags. Swift purposefully exaggerates the idea because the people of Ireland fail to conjure a logical way to reduce overpopulation and poverty. By presenting such a ridiculous way of fixing this problem, Swift encourages the members of society to find a sensible way to reduce the levels of poverty in Ireland.

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