How to think positive in tough times

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how to think positive in tough times

Being Positive Quotes (52 quotes)

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Published 02.04.2019

MANIFEST DURING DIFFICULT TIMES - Negative People, Situations, Thoughts

Or you could be unhappy about the way you look. Thoughts that helped me move on to live a more positive, productive life.

20 Positive Thoughts to Help You Through Hard Times

They try to look at everything that comes their way, from relationship troubles to work mistakes , with a positive spin. But a recent study investigated whether optimists still stay more positive than pessimists when things get really tough, and what they found was pretty surprising. Scientists analyzed nine previous studies to see how both optimists and pessimists brace themselves for receiving important and potentially negative news, like medical test results. They found that even though people who identify as optimists tend to be more positive in general, they too start assuming the worst as the moment of truth about something important nears. Learn to reframe negativity. Then, over time, the more likely you are to turn directly to a positive interpretation of events.

None of us are immune to negativity, tragedy, living through things we never imagined we'd have to live through. Not false positivity, but a healthy hope and meaning where others find nothing but pain. And sometimes that hurts. This trust begets peace You can still sing your song, not because you have all the answers or know everything, but because you have a song to sing. Start something, anything, any way you can. With what you have, with where you are.

It is rather easier to feel positive when everything goes well, but real positive thinking is revealed when you can maintain it difficult times. It is then that you need it most. In difficult times, when there are problems and the economic condition is tough, it is so easy to get into negative thinking and self-pity, and be sucked into a vicious circle of worries, fears and the expectation of more problems, lack of money or poverty. You may read books and articles on positive thinking, and believe that you are positive, but when difficulties and rough times appear, you just forget everything and focus on the problems and difficulties, instead of believing in yourself, looking for solutions and seeking and seizing opportunities. No, it will only get you deeper into problems, because when you see and expect problems you create more problems. This is where positive thinking and positive attitude are required. It is true, it is not so easy to reject negative thinking in such circumstances, and even if you try, you might find yourself again and again reverting to negative thinking and dwelling on your problems.

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We are living in tumultuous and divided times. It can be difficult to stay positive in spite of all of the depressing news around the world, the overt ignorance and prejudice that have been resurrected by the populism that has resurged in the west. It can feel like the world is regressing in real time after years of progress. The future looks pretty bleak, and that we are sacrificing longer term interests and goals for short term political benefits of the party in power, consequently creating a worse quality of life for future generations. This is all in addition to the stress and grind of work and day-to-day life. If you find you are struggling to stay positive, here are a few ways you can improve your outlook:.

Sometimes life can really hit you in the stomach and have you feeling the absolute worst. In tough times, it can feel nearly impossible to be optimistic and positive in a time of difficulty and constant negativity. However, with a little brainpower and strong will, it can become a lot easier to view the glass as half full. Read on for more. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.


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