Where not in kansas anymore

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where not in kansas anymore

Not In Kansas Anymore Quotes by Christine Wicker

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Published 29.03.2019

MISS FORTUNE - We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Craig's work is all about children being lost in their own worlds; when reality takes a back seat and fun and imagination lead the way.

we're not in Kansas anymore

Last semester, I had to design covers for a series of books that had been banned in America. After several hours of preliminary research, I discovered that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz had been banned in America because it contained references to magic. I researched The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, eager to learn more. I soon realized that the book itself was quite different from the movie. The most famous quote, and, I would argue, the longest lasting cultural reference from The Wizard of Oz, was not written by L. Frank Baum at all.

(idiomatic, colloquial, US) No longer in quiet and comfortable surroundings. As soon as I walked into that party I thought, "I'm not in Kansas anymore.".
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be not in Kansas anymore

A Stock Phrase referencing The Wizard of Oz , used to express the realization that the character is in a completely unfamiliar or indeed otherwordly place. The original quote was "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore., Dorothy learned much from her journey, including what it meant to have a heart, brains, and courage.

Source: The Wizard of Oz. After being knocked out and swept away from her farm by a tornado, young Dorothy wakes up in a land full of really tall plastic plants and really short singing people. Plus, the world is in color, unlike Kansas, which was in black-and-white until the mids. Dorothy looks around with her little dog, and says, "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kanas anymore. People just love to pull this one out whenever they're swept from their normal stomping grounds. If you were to drop this quote at a dinner party, would you get an in-unison "awww" or would everyone roll their eyes and never invite you back?

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