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mum to be poems from bump

Pregnancy Quotes (340 quotes)

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Baby Shower Poems

This section features a nice little variety of baby shower poems. You'll find some for invites, for favors, to go along with those adorable baby gifts, and even a thank you poem. Baby showers give women the opportunity to support the mother-to-be by celebrating her unborn baby. These verses are meant to illustrate this magical party with both words from the heart and a bunch from the nursery. There's always excitement in the air at these events, and the gifts are super cute and adorable. If you're attending a baby shower in the next few days or weeks, one of these verses will certainly help compliment your gift.

My mom came to visit this weekend, and in my Mother's Day card she gave me something very special - a poem. But this isn't any ordinary poem. She loved it so much that she wrote it down right then and there and saved it. I never new about this until she gave me the paper with the poem written on it yesterday. It is something I will always treasure, and the poem made me tear up. It's going to be kind of drawn out due to the double spacing here.

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Pregnancy is the most magical time. Feeling a baby grow inside you, wondering what he or she will be like, knowing that one day you will hold them in your hands is one of the greatest feelings a woman can ever experience. Momjunction has compiled a collection of pregnancy poems that capture the myriad emotions of carrying a baby. Some celebrate the aspect of pregnancy and some poke fun at it. While, some are for the mommies-to-be, others are for both moms and dads-to-be. Here is our collection of some happy, sad, wacky and funny pregnancy poems you would love to read. At first you moved, only a little.

This phase of life This phase will forever stay in your heart For this brings a wonderful start A feeling so changed and so new A feeling so wonderful so as you Enjoy this time and stay in bliss Its time to be pampered and kissed So feel special my pregnant dear Keep smiling all the time As you spread the cheer of the little one to come Many congrats to you! It is a special feeling There is a special feeling When you give birth to a child From the first kick of the child To so many reasons that are bind The positive feelings of taking the child in your arms Is enough to make you smile So while you enjoy this happy time with your hubby I would wish you congrats for the same! Stay happy and in bliss! The bond is so special This bond is so special This bond is so new My baby I want to sing you a baby song I want to take you in my arms And kiss you with all my might Oh what a pretty and wonderful sight it would be To see you my baby Please come soon in my life! As your mom to be is waiting for you! Only for you! For a wonderful phase so new!

Seeing those tiny little lines appear on a pregnancy test is admittedly one of the most life-changing moments a person can have. I will never forget where I was, what my husband and I were doing, and the moments that transpired immediately after I realized that our lives were about to change forever. My secondborn baby, I have to tell you the truth. The difficult truths Like the fact that You had to cry more Wait more Share more. The fact that I, Your mama, Was often not the best version of myself. But dear, sweet, secondborn, Let me also tell you this. Her words are heartfelt and sincere, managing to articulate an aspect of parenthood so many of us face, but rarely talk about.

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