Sous les paves la plage

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sous les paves la plage

Sous les paves la plage : mai 68 by Gilles Caron

Loin de l’imagerie d’Epinal, Gilles Caron nous restitue les bonnes vibrations, les coups de matraques, les nuits saturees de gaz lacrymogene, les amphitheatres enfumes et les rues chaudes livrees a elles-memes. Caron est toujours la au bon moment : defilent dans son viseur l’envol des premiers paves arraches en chapelet a la chaussee le 3 mai, la foule joyeuse assemblee autour du lion vert de Bartholdi le 13 mai apres les premieres nuits des barricades, les voitures incendiees ou les arbres renverses, les farandoles accompagnant le cortege pacifique du 29 mai, l’euphorie de la greve generale, entre grande gueule d’ouvrier au poing vengeur, et Mademoiselle Age Tendre de la section CGT, le regard noye de Pierre Mendes France a Charlety, le front gourmand de Mitterrand en quete d’Elysee, le dos de De Gaulle, la contre-manifestation des Champs-Elysees du 30 mai et l’ivresse de la Marseillaise autour du Soldat inconnu. Les evenements de mai 1968 racontes a travers le plus celebre reportage de Gilles Caron et par seize ecrivains, acteurs, journalistes, cineastes, hommes politiques… Seize textes originaux et cent vingt photographies illustres ou inedites.
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Sous les paves la plage

The mayor of Calais is suing Marine Le Pen of the Front National for saying "repeatedly" that citizens in Calais need a pass issued by the mayor to get to their own homes because of the number of migrants in the town.
Gilles Caron

sous les paves la plage

One of the advantages of having an eccentric intellectual as a father is that he buys you Situationist anthologies for your 16th birthday. Additionally, the off-putting dogma and masculinist dimensions of Anarchism were less severe in the Situationist International though not entirely absent. The entire book is poetry. Unlike the majority of militant leftists I organized with, situationists considered the loop holes built into capitalism; the everyday possibilities for resistance. They, like Tupac , made room for a rose to grow out of concrete; for city and urban life to be more than an alienating and oppressive dungeon.

The exhibition will open on 16th July starting from p. Under the cobblestones, the beach! It expressed the desire that beneath the city which had been hardened by stone, there is the freedom of the beach represented by the sand on which the paving stones were placed. Beneath this poetic phrase of the past lay an actual brutality and anger of the French fighters for freedom and all the pre ideals which have never quite played out. In a simple gesture of installing a beach the work summons heritage of the 20th-century failure with which we are yet to deal properly and assembles it with characteristics of the contemporary societies of global liberal capitalism. Tutto inizio in un giorno di violenza it all begun on a day of violence is the first line of the contemporary paraphrase of the Iliad written by Alessandro Baricco during the time of the war in Afghanistan.

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"Mai 68 : Sous les paves, la greve", avec Ludivine Bantigny


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