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melissa shelton dvm essential oils

The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals by Melissa Shelton

DVM Melissa Shelton holistic veternarian has compiled this amazing book about essential oils and animals. But not just any essential oils, Young Living essential oils. The purest essential oil brand out there, with their world renowned Seed to Seal guarantee.

I read this reference book from cover to cover, and have learned so much about using YL essential oils on my own pets. Why certain EOs should not be used, and how important it is for proper use and proper dilution on certain species. Amazing how much these oils can do for us and our pets. I cant wait to read more books by this amazing lady.
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Published 26.03.2019

Dr. Becker and Dr. Shelton on Essential Oils

Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized.
Melissa Shelton

The Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for Animals, by Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM

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It became my passion and mission to truly figure out if essential oils were harmful or helpful. To me, the results could not be ignored. Truly wonderful things could come by the proper use of high quality essential oils. I have always felt protective of my patients. Only wanting the best for them.

The second edition of the original Animal Desk Reference ADR written by Holistic Veterinarian Melissa Shelton: This text of pages, is the most accurate reference available regarding the safe use of essential oils with animals — or Veterinary Aromatic Medicine. Melissa Shelton DVM is regarded as the leading expert in the use of essential oils with all animals — insects to elephants. Every animal species is included within this easy to read text; along with details on sourcing, evaluation, chemistry, carrier oils, and descriptions of each single essential oil.
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One thing that is certain in the world of essential oils - is that the quality of the essential oil matters for use with animals. Shelton is very specific on which essential oils she recommends. However, it became very obvious through her years of research and clinical use of essential oils - that there are some oils that should be used for animals, and some oils that shouldn't. Not necessarily because they were toxic - but because they were not "animal friendly. Shelton - is that there are many high grade "medical" oils available on the market today. However, just because a company carried several medical grade oils - this did not mean that ALL of their oils would be the grade necessary for use with delicate animals. Much time and research was dedicated to finding the "recipe" of diagnostic testing and evaluations that would render an oil "medical grade" or "animal worthy.

In this issue, we look at how essential oils, when properly used, can give wonderful benefits for behavior problems. Quality is critical, as one essential oil may bring true and wonderful health benefits, while another is akin to spraying perfume directly onto the animal! Behavioral concerns contribute to an amazingly high number of relinquished animals. There are great opportunities for veterinarians to aid these issues with essential oils. Symptoms such as increased respiratory rate, shaking, diarrhea, excessive vocalization, hiding, over-grooming, inappropriate urination, and even biting or aggression have all been attributed to fear, stress and anxiety. Within integrative medicine, essential oils are, in my eyes, one of the most complete and holistic modalities I have encountered. There are true and documented physical effects 5 that also complement the emotional planes, whether it is our intention or not.

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  1. After meeting many successful essential oil users, holistic veterinarian Dr. Melissa Shelton became dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the toxicity reports.

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