Matthew henry complete bible commentary free download

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matthew henry complete bible commentary free download

Matthew Henrys Commentary on the Whole Bible by Matthew Henry

This is the only complete and unabridged one-volume edition of Matthew Henrys famous work.First among the mighty (commentaries) for general usefulness we are bound to mention the man whose name is a household word, Matthew Henry. He is the most pious and pithy, sound and sensible, suggestive and sober, terse and trustworthy . . . he is deeply spiritual, heavenly, profitable; finding good matter in every text, and from all deducting the most practical and judicious lessons . . . It is the Christians companion, suitable to everybody, instructive to all.
Charles H. Spurgeon

From Genesis to Revelation, Matthew Henry successfully combines practical application, devotional insight, and scholarship on the entire Bible. Henry has profound insights on the content, message and nature of Gods divine revelation. Perfect for all readers of the Bible who want a convenient, comprehensive commentary.- Includes the entire text of Matthew Henrys original multi-volume commentary- Modern easy-to-read type- Portable- Attractive and affordable
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Matthew Henry Commentary

Matthew Henry Complete Commentary Free Free KJV Study Bible with Commentary on the Whole Bible And if you miss old style of this app - you can find it in.
Matthew Henry

Bible Commentaries

Originally written in , Matthew Henry's six volume Complete Commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse in the Bible. Matthew Henry's well-known six-volume Exposition of the Old and New Testaments or Complete Commentary, provides an exhaustive verse by verse study of the Bible. After the author's death, the work was finished Romans through Revelation by thirteen other nonconformist ministers, partly based upon notes taken by Henry's hearers, and edited by George Burder and John Hughes in Matthew Henry's commentaries are primarily exegetical, dealing with the scripture text as presented, with his prime intention being explanation, for practical and devotional purposes. While not being a work of textual research, for which Henry recommended Matthew Poole's Synopsis Criticorum, Henry's Exposition gives the result of a critical account of the original as of his time, with practical application.

Matthew Henry was born near Wales on October 18, Henry was primarily home-educated by his father, Rev. Philip Henry, and also at the Thomas Doolittle academy from Henry first started studying law in , but instead of pursuing a career in law he began to preach in his neighborhood. After the declaration of liberty of conscience by James II in , he was privately ordained in London, and on June 2, , he began his regular ministry as non-conformist pastor of a Presbyterian congregation at Chester.

This text was prepared from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library located at www. Thanks also to Logos Research, Inc. Please share this work with a friend. The purpose of Barnes' book is to illuminate and explain obscurities and difficulties in various … Read more… Author: Albert Barnes. This text matches the printed edition as published by Moody Press, 28th printing, no Copyright displayed.

Download Matthew Henry Bible Commentary and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and Oleg Shukalovich. #48 in Books. , 45 Ratings. Free.
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  1. Matthew Henry's Complete Bible Commentary provides an exhaustive look at every verse. Study the bible online.

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