Another word for lazy people

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another word for lazy people

Laziness Quotes (302 quotes)

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Published 18.02.2019

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Not willing to work or be energetic. Slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy river. Conducive to inactivity or indolence: a lazy summer day. Depicted as reclining or lying on its side. Used of a brand on livestock.

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In Hawaii and pretending to be sick to get out of work? Found in Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, variations include slowcome-pokum and slocum-pocum. This term is found in the Ozarks, which is made up of northwestern Arkansas, northeastern Oklahoma, and southwestern Missouri. Bone idle and bone lazy are South Midland sayings. All come from the idea, says an quote in the Oxford English Dictionary OED , of being so lazy or idle that the laziness or idleness seems "to have penetrated the very bones. A do-less does little. He lacks energy and is shiftless and lethargic.

Synonyms: slothful , otiose , work-shy , indolent , faineant. Antonyms: busy , fast. Synonyms: indolent , otiose , superfluous , faineant , work-shy , wasted , purposeless , pointless , senseless , futile , unavailing , ineffectual , slothful. Synonyms: indolent , idle , work-shy , slothful , bone-idle. Synonyms: indolent , work-shy , bone-idle , slothful , idle. Synonyms: indolent , bone-idle , idle , work-shy , slothful.

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