Hibernate interview questions for experienced

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hibernate interview questions for experienced

Quote by Jane Austen: “What are men to rocks and mountains?”

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Published 18.02.2019

Hibernate interview questions and answers

Hibernate is a popular framework of Java which allows an efficient Object Relational mapping using configuration files in XML format.

Hibernate Interview Questions

Hibernate is one of the most widely used ORM tool for Java applications. So I decided to write a post about hibernate interview questions to brush up your knowledge before the interview. Whether you are fresher or experienced, having good knowledge or Hibernate ORM tool helps in cracking interview. Here I am providing important hibernate interview questions with answers to help you brush up your knowledge and impress your interviewer. Just like other interview questions posts, chances are that I will be adding more questions to this list in future, so you might want to bookmark it for future reference.

Hibernate interview questions are asked to the students because it is a widely used ORM tool. The important list of top 20 hibernate interview questions and answers for freshers and professionals are given below. Hibernate is an open-source and lightweight ORM tool that is used to store, manipulate, and retrieve data from the database. It is a programming strategy to map object with the data stored in the database. It simplifies data creation, data manipulation, and data access.

Here in this post coding compiler presenting a list of 75 advanced hibernate interview questions for freshers, 1 year experience, 2 years experience, 3 year experience, 4 year experience, 5 year experience. It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database. Hibernate also provides data query and retrieval facilities. Answer JDBC will always give better performance as compared to Hibernate for most of the database vendors. Hibernate reduces lines of code by maintaining object-table mapping itself and returns result to application in form of Java objects. Hibernate, with Transparent Persistence, cache is set to application work space. Answer ORM allows you to use java objects as representation of a relational database.

Hibernate Interview Questions For Freshers

Hibernate is one of the ORM tool developed for Java applications. Following hibernate interview questions for experienced and freshers. Load the Hibernate configuration file and create a configuration object.

Thank you for sharing these questions. I was looking for latest Hibernate interview questions from long time. You can also include some practical questions like which version of Hibernate you have used? Hibernate 3. Do you use Annotation or config file for Mapping DB columns to object properties?


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  1. Hibernate interview questions and answers for experienced and beginners too, spring hibernate questions with detailed answers.

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