Tim minchin wife sense of humor

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tim minchin wife sense of humor

Sarcasm Quotes (1043 quotes)

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Song For Wossy by Tim Minchin

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He has nothing interesting to say; So he writes about himself. Tim Minchin. A beautiful musician. A wicked sense of humor. A world view unlike any other. Unafraid to take risks in order to say things. In one show, he tackles prejudice, religion, environmentalism, natural medicine via a 9 minute beat-poem… no, really… , as well as himself.


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Tim Minchin is a flame-haired Australian pianist who once wrote an album full of silly songs to get them out of his system. When he discovered that the public loved them more than his more serious work, he became a comedian, and proceeded to become quite famous both in Australia and in the UK. He's known for his Black Humour and for his spot-on criticisms of both the religious right and the new age left. Several of his songs have official videos, including "The Pope Song" and "Storm". The latter of which has been adapted into an animated short [1].

Comedian and musician Tim Minchin is coming to the United States for a stateside stop. This whole American experiment is trying to reach out to the audience I have here. Sharp criticisms of religion, expletives of a motley range of topics, condemnations of monotheism and the like; these are the interests that fuel the fire of the comedian and musician that is Tim Minchin. With his disparate subject matter comes an eclectic crowd; his shows in the United Kingdom and Australia attract a rather diverse audience, ranging from elderly couples to young kids. He does limit himself when he thinks jokes go too far. Unlike some satirists, who focus on specific political events or people, Minchin focuses his content on more general taboos, such as religion.

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