Homemade bubble bath for kids

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homemade bubble bath for kids

Adorkable Bubble Bath Crafts: The Geeks DIY Guide to 50 Nerdy Soaps, Suds, Bath Bombs and other Curios that Entertain Your Kids in the Tub by Brittanie Pyper

Kids can have a blast making epic homemade bath products everyone will enjoy. Themed around today’s most popular movies, games and television shows, crafts include a Superhero Sugar Scrub, Alien Hand Soap, Wizard Potion Bubble Bath, Building Block Bath Crayons and Unicorn Lip Balm. These crafts are designed to make bath time extra fun with creations kids will never forget, while letting their imaginations run wild AND getting squeaky clean.

Kids Fantasy Bath & Beauty Crafts features 80 cool bath crafts, each with their own photograph, for making bath time super fun and are perfect to share with friends as gifts. Kids and their parents can create sugar scrubs, soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, bath crayons and paints and after bath care like lotions, body gel and lip balm.

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DIY - Unicorn Bubble Bars (Solid Bubble Bath)

I have two kids who love taking baths, they much prefer them over showers, and they really like bubble baths the most. There is just something about being able to be surrounded with bubbles that the bath toys will disappear under, using the bubbles to make crazy looking hair and beards and other things on their bodies, and blowing sudsy bubbles off your hands and onto the walls during bath time.
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Homemade Bubble Bath for Kids

There are few things more relaxing than a long, pampering bubble bath. Although the thought of a bubble bath often brings up images of little babies and kids, bubble baths are not just for our little ones. In fact, a good soak can be just as therapeutic and nourishing for us grown-ups. For example, did you know that there are proven mental health benefits associated with taking a relaxing bath? Baths have been shown to support the circadian rhythm, improve sleep, and even reduce depression 1? While a bubble bath can be just what your body needs after a long day, it can also be a nightmare for your skin if you select a bubble bath product made from skin-irritating ingredients. If you are searching for a safe and natural bubble bath for babies and children, then you should be extra cautious when making your selection.

Getting your children into the bathtub is a little easier when you tempt them with fun bubbles — but the cost can add up over time and some commercial bubble baths may be too harsh for kids with sensitive skin. You can not only customize homemade bubble bath by avoiding ingredients that may irritate your child, but also let your child participate by choosing the essential oils to scent her bubble bath. Bubble bath made from non-perishable ingredients can last indefinitely if you store the bubble bath in an airtight jar or container. Choose Your Own Scent: Combine 4 cups of water, 4 ozs. During winter or any time your child has dry skin, mix in a little moisturizing oil, such as almond oil, to moisturize and protect.

Bubbles make bath time more enjoyable for kids and parents alike. Aside from novelty, the soapy bubbles that your child soaks in every night have another purpose — they can be nourishing, moisturizing, and even calming. As an added bonus, choosing or making kids organic bubble bath is good for the environment too! The use of all natural ingredients, produced with organic means without the use of any chemicals promotes the safe, healthy, and natural cycle of production and elimination. The ingredients are made with eco-friendly means.

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How to make Bubble Bath Bars - Recipe Included

This homemade bubble bath recipe is made without chemical soaps and sudsing agents. It is sudsy, simple to make, and requires just a few simple ingredients. Bubble baths are one trademark of a happy childhood. Bubble grow into mountainous white globs of foam. They were fun, yes, but probably not so good for my skin.


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