Guinness world records longest ear hair

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guinness world records longest ear hair

Guinness World Records 2019 by Guinness World Records

The worlds most popular record book is back with thousands of new categories and newly broken records, covering everything from outer space to sporting greats via Instagram, fidget spinners and all manner of human marvels. Inside youll find hundreds of never-before-seen photographs and countless facts, figures, stats and trivia waiting for you on every action-packed page. Guinness World Records 2019 is the ultimate snapshot of our world today.

Plus, this year we celebrate the incredible Maker movement with a special feature devoted to the inventors, dreamers, crafters and creators who devote their lives to amazing record-breaking projects such as the largest water pistol, a jet-powered go-kart and an elephant-sized hamburger (think you could eat a whole one!?). We take a sneak peek into their workshops to explore these epically big builds, and ask them what inspires them to go really, really large!

And if you like creating, and you like LEGO(R), then youll love our Making History pages that use the worlds most famous interlocking plastic bricks to illustrate and explain an important record-breaking object - such as the Statue of Liberty or the Apollo missions Saturn V rocket. We examine their designs, structure and technical specifications in fully illustrated and colorful, poster-style pages.

Finally, you can jump into both the making and record-breaking action with a Do Try This At Home section. Challenge yourself and your family with five fun record-breaking maker-inspired records you can attempt involving origami, balloon sculptures, ring pulls and rubber bands. Who knows, your creation might just make it into the record books!
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Guinness World Records

Pictured: The man with the world's longest ear hair

This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. A world record not only guarantees you an unparalleled domination in a particular field, it also brings with it tons of fame and recognition. And since world records, eggs and promises are meant to be broken, people everyday keep trying their level best to make or break a world record. So here are some of the most WTF world records ever. Take a look. Source: Buzzkito. Source: Bugaga.

Nilanshi Patel, a year-old girl from Gujarat, India, has set a new record for the Longest hair on a teenager , with long brown locks that measure Nilanshi, who unsurprisingly has earned the nickname of real-life Rapunzel from her friends, has been growing her hair since she was six years old, following a bad experience at the hairdressers. I decided that when I was six and have not cut it since," she explained. The decision to not cut her hair may have relieved Nilanshi of going to the hairdressers, but having such long hair requires a lot of effort and maintenance. Washing her flowing hair is an arduous task, which she undertakes once a week. Nilshani's mother has always supported her decision to grow her hair - which is good as she has no plans to cut it anytime soon.

Anthony Victor (India) has hair sprouting from the centre of his outer ears (middle of the pinna) that measures cm ( in) at its longest.
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His ear hair is 25cm long and still growing, but Indian grocer Radhakant Baijpai has no intention of trimming it, no matter what his wife says. Officially recognised by Guinness in as having the longest ear hair in the world, Mr Radhakant has carefully coiffed his ear-follicles from what was a record-breaking Considered by Mr Radhakant, 58, to be symbol of luck and prosperity, his ear-hair has been growing since he was 18 and has never been cut. Radhakant Bajpai refuses to cut his ear hair, believing it brings him good luck. Maintained by a specially prepared blend of herbal shampoo, Mr Radhakant has so far resisted the pleas of his long suffering wife to cut it off. Together, his ear hair tufts measure almost 20 inches long and now he no longer feels that the eyes of the world stare at him when out in public.


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